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    anxiety vs depression

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    Do you believe you will ever get a 'good friend'?

    I've had real good friends and pushed them away because I wasn't able to see and appreciate them properly; so for me it's about both finding a good friend and also BEING a good friend
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    Everything makes sense now!

    Ok so first few days of knowing what it is has been a good and bad thing. Good... just having a name makes it less scarry. It's real it's not just me being weird it's a thing. Other people have it. Other people will have survived it and maybe they've turned their life around? Bad... What if I'm...
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    anxiety vs depression

    How did you learn to control it? For me it's mainly anxiety especially when it comes to relationships and my (in)ability to create a proper life for myself.. Being depressed is a 'side effect' which isn't great but I know it could be worse.
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    Everything makes sense now!

    I was reading different posts on this forum and came across the avoidant personality disorder and didn't know what it was. So I googled it and it's basically the story of my life. Not sure where to take it from here but it is so good to put a name to this feeling of just not being quite right...
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    Weather reports, please!

    Warmish but gray and rainy and windy #summerintheuk
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    For me it's because of a very strong sense of shame and embarrassment.
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    Hello after 6 years

    😂 It was worth a try :)
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    Also.. How did you know about my law and order marathons... 🤔😂
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    'Regrettable things don't have to be chain reactions' - - I love this, thank you!
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    Hello after 6 years

    Thanks :)
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    Just curious, do you have any strategies for dealing with regret? I *know* I have so many things to be grateful for plus I know that things could always be worse... but I can't seem to get over regretting things I didn't do, did do, or wish I had done. And yet I'm unable to do anything about it...
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    Hello after 6 years

    I spent some time on this forum back in 2012 / 13 but things have been pretty bad lately so ... I'm back. It's weird but just reading some posts yesterday calmed me down in a way that I didn't expect (shared misery / I'm not the only one etc ). Back then I thought life couldn't be more...
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    visualization or self-delusion?

    Hi, once again I'm trying to give my life a new direction. (As usual) I promised myself that this time, I'm gonna make it! Im gonna get a job that I like, Im gonna be good at it, I'll start going out (maybe even date and fall in love)... So as you can see, I have quite a to do list :) I read a...
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    SOS.. thesis survey

    Hi everyone, could I send you a private message with the link to a survey for my masters thesis? It's in the field of PR and communication, totally anonymous and won't take you more than 7 min... :)
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    talking to the supervisor...

    I got a skype meeting with my thesis supervisor tomorrow and I don't know what to say. I can't ask him questions about what to do because a) he's not the kind of guy who would help me anyways and b) how can I tell him that I literally don't know what to do? I can't talk to bosses, teachers...
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    I've been thinking a lot in the last few weeks about where I wanna spend my life and I came to that conclusion that there's no way I'm gonna raise my kids (or get some cats, more like hahaha) in the same place where I was born. Sooo... the only thing to do is get the hell out of here and move to...
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    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has some experience with logotherapy? I'm looking for a way out of the cylce of not caring for yourself and not being in control of your own life.. and this seems really interesting.
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    afraid of getting old

    I'm having a panic attack about getting old and not changing at all. I go on a diet every few weeks. I 'start a new life' every few weeks. I quit binge eating every few weeks. And surprise surprise I'm still the same old me, after years and years of starting to make myself over. So many of my...
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    I have to stop being weird

    ..around people who like me! Last night a friend of mine hosted a party. I knew most of the other guests and was actually really happy to see them. And they were happy to see me, but once they told me that I got really ackward. One guy told me that he thought I was "awesome" from the first...