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    I just had ETS

    Nothing helps what I'm dealing with now. ETS is the biggest regret of my life
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    I just had ETS

    Glad you continue to do well. Unfortunately for me my CS has only gotten worse over time. I buy special boxers and clothes but it doesn't matter. As soon as I'm slightly warm or physically active I soak through everything. Extremely embarrassing especially in the butt/groin area. I change...
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    So my doctor is starting to do some trial and error to see if we can find a medication or combination of medications that will control my CS a bit. Has anyone ever taken propranolol? The first thing I tried was Avert and even at the highest dose it did nothing other than give me severe dry...
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    CS and sauna use

    Has anyone used a sauna to try and control their compensatory sweating? I am just wondering as I go to the gym quite regularly and prior to my ETS surgery (for palmar hh) I enjoyed sitting in the sauna after my workout. I have only tried it once post-ETS and had to get out after a couple of...
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    Robinul/Avert timing

    Hey all just wondering about timing Avert for my CS. It affects me most at work and I work shift work - either 7am - 7pm, or 7pm-7am. When I'm working night shifts what would be the best way to dose? Wait until evening and take it 2 hours before going into work and then again half way through...
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    Sutran underwear?

    I'm suffering from CS on my back, butt and backs of legs since my ETS surgery a couple of weeks ago. I work in a hot environment anyways this time of year so avoiding it is impossible. Has anyone tried Sutran underwear? They are expensive but if they work its worth it - soaked underwear 15...
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    Post ETS

    Hi everyone I have followed this forum for a long time (years off and on) and just wanted to ask a question to those of you who went through with ETS. I debated it for many years and finally went through with it last Thursday. I am not looking for people's opinions on the surgery - it was no...