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  1. BlueDays

    Just visiting old haunts.

    I remember you very well philly! (y) I hope you are going ok now. Just seeing your username and that pic of the medieval knight caused tears to instantly start falling down my face from all the wonderful memories of how busy this this place used to be back then. Don't know if you will come back...
  2. BlueDays

    My online journey journal

    I just feel so sorry for the massive amount of people who are going to be made redundant in their jobs because of the amazingly quick developments with AI over the past few months. :( It funny how many of us couldn't wait to finish school, but then after a few years, all you are wishing for is...
  3. BlueDays

    How are you feeling?

    So glad to hear that things are going better for you now, MollyBeGood. (y)
  4. BlueDays

    How are you feeling?

    Yeah stress can seriously diminish the bodies immune system, sadly. Are you able to get enough sleep at the moment? Getting enough sleep every night can make such a big difference when having to deal with mental exhaustion. I hope things become a bit easier for you soon.
  5. BlueDays

    rate the last film you watched

    I recently watched that one again, and mistakenly thought I could get through the "It's not your fault" scene without crying, but no, it still cuts too deep emotionally, lol. 😄 I'd give it a 9.5 because of the brilliant acting.
  6. BlueDays

    Loyal's Thoughts

    Very glad to read that you are happier (as well as is possible in your situation) than you were a year ago, Loyal! 👍 I would absolutely love to volunteer at our local animal shelter, if I wasn't allergic to flea bites and didn't have complications of SA making that impossible for me.
  7. BlueDays

    New Game!!

  8. BlueDays

    Post your picture thread

    That is a great pic, LoyalXenite (y)
  9. BlueDays

    My online journey journal

    I read the part about her not being able to love her cats as being because she was so numb with her emotional pain that she could not "feel" any love, even for her cats. Some people's pain can numb them so much they can no longer feel any feelings. Idk that's just what I interpreted it to mean. :)
  10. BlueDays

    My online journey journal

    Ah ok. In your post it was written as "Here is what I came up with", written as text in the first person sense, before the poem. I find that ChatGPT pretty creepy to be honest. I won't be using it for anything personal for a very long time. The fact that ChatGBT wrote both of those poems...
  11. BlueDays

    My online journey journal

    That is an amazing poem, MollyBeGood! (y):love: You obviously have a strong creative talent, I am so envious. I wish I could express my pain in a poem as well as you have done with this one I tried to write a poem when I was 12, but gave up because even I ended up laughing at my inept attempt...
  12. BlueDays

    My online journey journal

    Good to see you starting a new journal MollyBeGood! (y) But sad to see that you are in a state where you need to though. Gosh, describing yourself a fool and a coward to start off with is being very harsh on yourself. 😧 I could post multiple suggestions on why need to and the importance of...
  13. BlueDays

    How are you feeling?

    Sorry to read that you have experienced situations that made you feel like "people care less about you as you age", MollyBeGood. ☹️ I don't know whether you are referring to family or friends/acquaintances, or both, but yeah, it's certainly unfair that society seems to value younger people over...
  14. BlueDays

    How are you feeling?

    I have never heard of those, I will look for them and try them, thanks for the suggestion lily.
  15. BlueDays

    How are you feeling?

    Oh, well I assumed that the longer I have had to manage living with SA, the easier it would get to manage, but it turns out the opposite is happening. It's great to talk to you again lily. 👍
  16. BlueDays

    Post your random thoughts/feelings etc

    Whoa, that is really unfortunate that you've had to move 7 times over the last 4 years! For you to have managed to do that successfully that often, then you definitely need to give yourself more credit! I have a mini-nervous breakdown whenever I have to move.
  17. BlueDays

    keep trying, but not expecting!

    That's interesting to find that someone else that has also had a therapist who was truly honest with them and explained that dealing with SA is a case of learning how to manage it in your daily life, as opposed to ever being able to "get over it". I wish the two therapists I had seen before...
  18. BlueDays

    How are you feeling?

    Disheartened. I've discovered that the older I get, the harder it is to manage my SA.
  19. BlueDays

    Just a feel good post

    Everyone has probably already seen this, but I just love how it makes me feel after watching it.
  20. BlueDays

    Newish here

    Hi Keara, welcome to the site. I hope being here helps you feel better.