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    Returning user. Saying Hey again!

    Hello All, I registered on this site a few years ago, and then got pulled away by work and have not really had much opportunity to use it again. But here I am now, so thought I'd re-introduce myself. My name's Matthew, I was born in 1988(I'll let you work out the age:reading:)...
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    Confidence Roller-coaster.

    Hello All, So a long story short, I go through short periods where I've got all the confidence in the world, but more commonly I have little to no confidence, resulting in me feeling Shy and even to some extent Agoraphobic. Right now I'm struggling a lot to make new friends, meet women and even...
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    New Friends for a 20 something M south UK

    Hello there everyone, I don't wanna Divulge too much about myself just yet, but I'm a 27 year old Man currently serving in the Royal Navy, I'm pretty much a geeky character who loves to play games, read, listen to music and watch various forms of media. I'm here because I just want to meet new...