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  1. RonFrank

    Passing of high schoolers

    In this same month, i got news of 2 people that i went with in high school have died. Since im suffering from Thanatophobia, i was shaken up by both deaths. Both of them was captured on the news. Juvenile detention officer killed, another injured in Newark and Authorities Seek Dump Truck...
  2. RonFrank

    No pants for tall skinny people

    I am 6'0 and 145lb. It's always tough for me to find a pair that actually fits me. I always have to worry about walking down the street looking lanky or looking like im wearing a big brother's hand-me-downs. This is one of the many reason's i don't like to go out or interact with people...
  3. RonFrank

    Just waiting to die

    Ever felt like every time you wake up in the morning, you wish you can just go back to sleep to not deal with the world? No motivation to do anything, no visions, no goals? Having your dreams crushed or realizing some of your dreams will never come true in your lifetime? Working a dead end job...
  4. RonFrank


    I just need someone to talk to I recently found out that i have thanatophobia and i just want someone to talk to. I usually use skype to instant message people despite it being used to video chat. If anyone want to talk, i can also voice chat. skype name - poonuggets
  5. RonFrank

    Tired of living/Bored of life

    There is nobody nor anything in this world that i feel that I want to live for at this moment. My mind has been torturing me for weeks, all the problems i had in this Thread never stopped. I thought I could stop these thoughts by trying to set a goal in life so i don't lose hope but any goal i...
  6. RonFrank

    Fearing that death is inevitable

    March 30, 2012. This is the day where all of these thoughts came in my head and has been bothering me ever since. It was around 2am, i was trying to go to sleep when these thoughts of me dying and ceasing to exist popped up in my head. All of a sudden, im starting to get hot, my heart is...