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  1. Ignopius

    Snuggle Party!! Would you do it?

    Seekers Stories did a great video on these snuggle parties. I'm not sure if I would partake in something like this after watching the video. I would probably feel really anxious and insecure. But so did that woman and the video and she seemed to enjoy her time...
  2. Ignopius

    Why are you so quiet?

    I get this question all the time when I'm out at family dinners. And it's embarrassing! My mom is the worse offender. She should know by now I am NOT a talker. :omg:
  3. Ignopius

    What is your Personality Type?

    I am an INTP personality type. I-Introvert N-Intuition T-Thinking P-Perceiving Take it here! It's based on real psycholgoy. Personality test based on C. Jung and I. Briggs Myers type theory
  4. Ignopius

    Looking for online friends (18yo M)

    I joined this forum with the main purpose of making friends. And so far I have met a few 'sort of' friends but I would love to expand my horizon. We can chat either on here or on skype whatever works best! :)
  5. Ignopius

    I put together a desk and chair! :D

    Felt proud and capable for once!
  6. Ignopius

    Bernie Sanders For President!??

    Are you guys as pumped about this man running for president as I am??? He's one of the only straight politicians out there who isn't beholden to money. I like his ideas of Universal Healthcare and Tuition Free Education.
  7. Ignopius

    Hey I'm new here! :D

    I just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Parker and I'm from Oklahoma. I have been on multiple internet forums over the years and am active on another SA forum as well but needed even more support so I signed up here. I'm mostly looking for new friends than discussion. I like computers...