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  1. Hellhound

    Post what you cannot say

    I'm relieved you're not around me anymore. I'm not sure why I ever thought I needed you, I must have been drunk.
  2. Hellhound

    Why it happens and how to support.

    You have someone who's really, super, uberly close to you. You love them, they love you. There's a really strong bond, you need each other. The person has a major degree of (emotional) avoidance, though. At times, it causes frustration, you still love them, but you want to help, you want to do...
  3. Hellhound

    Don't complain.

    Before I rant, I want to say that this is not directed to all of you. I'm going to talk about personal experiences after being involved for so long in SA forums. You can now put your pitchforks down. Despite having a degree of SA, I've grown a pair and approached a number of people in both...
  4. Hellhound

    Failure to communicate

    I'm frustrated again at my lack of ability to word things right, to be able to handle conversations. It seems that, no matter what say, people will misunderstand me in a negative manner. I probably say something as a joke, word it in an awkward way or in caps, then BAM, assumptions that I...
  5. Hellhound

    Anti-bullying propaganda

    I was watching TV, a kid's channel. There seems to be some anti-bullying campaign going on, because I've seen various propagandas about it. But said thing rubbed me the wrong way. I find something awfully wrong with all of it. The way it's portrayed and the misinformation. I will name two of...
  6. Hellhound

    Question for the guys.

    Let's suppose you are approached by a really nice, non-judgemental girl. She's sweet and caring, treats you nicely, understands you... but is either chubby or overweight. Would you date her anyway or discard her as a possible partner? I'm merely curious.
  7. Hellhound

    I feel I've become more annoying.

    Before getting medication, I was a more apathetic person. I had hyperactive outburst when I was in a good mood, but I felt apathetic most of the times, which made me come off as calm. When depression got worse, I went from "calm" to completely cold. Now, after medication, when my mood improved...
  8. Hellhound


    I was sitting here, chillin', drawin', then my mind started to wander. I was thinking about grown people. I remembered some days ago, when I went to the cafeteria, I watched them, I often do. They sit there, watch the football channel, have beers, have a straight face, toy with their phones...
  9. Hellhound

    -insert title-

    I thought I should share this. Just replace "Facebook" for "the internet" 6 Things People Need to STOP Bragging About on Facebook | The Stir I found this particular paragraph o be the most interesting: "Your perfect spouse -- For the love of all things holy, PLEASE cool it with the sappy...
  10. Hellhound

    Note to self

    - Trust them, they love you. - Talk to them about anything if they have told you that you can count on them, but try not to overwhelm them either. - Doing self therapy? Keep on trying. Do it for yourself and for those you care about. - Again, they love you. Shut up, quit doubting yourself...
  11. Hellhound

    Oh my god

    I just returned home after a massive change in my routine. I had a talk with someone really important to me today. He knows about my anxiety problems, but I wanted to give him a more detailed description of what it is like, because if we ever meet in person, I don't want him to have an...
  12. Hellhound

    Heart acting up?

    I don't know how to explain this, but it's rather disturbing, even annoying. My heart randomly skips beats. I might be sitting here, doing nothing, and then I feel some strange sensation, it feels like I skip a beat. I feel suffocated for a second when this happens. I've been at the doctor...
  13. Hellhound

    you can come if you want?

    What happened?
  14. Hellhound

    Just an opinion

    Okay. I've seen the feedback I got, and it seems that many of you wanted to hear what I think about this topic, so here we go. I'm going to copypaste this post I made on the Facebook group. Also, excuse my language. You know, guys... I think I am starting to understand a little all of this...
  15. Hellhound

    Any of you terrified of bugs?

    Last night, I was okay, I was peacefully drawing. I went to the kitchen just to walk around like I sometimes do. I found this big moth flying around, I got scared, but I killed it with the bug spray. I thought everything was over. I went to my other room to dust off something, then I noticed a...
  16. Hellhound

    Risperdal for Social Anxiety Disorder

    My mother was given those and she felt a similar side efect. She had to stay in bed all day because could barely stand up.
  17. Hellhound

    Risperdal for Social Anxiety Disorder

    I was prescribed many different antipsychotics before. I was told they work as a mood stabilizer. But later, I've found out through relatives (the psychiatrists always talked behind my back) that I was given that to treat some supposed psychotic illness they say I have. before knowing why they...
  18. Hellhound

    Bad attention span

    I've had this problem for quite a while. I always had a good attention span, I could focus on things without any trouble. I don't remember when it happened, but it's started to fail pretty badly. As an artist, this is a huge problem. I can't focus well on my drawing, instead, I make two...
  19. Hellhound

    Apocalypse has hit us.

    Yes, people... My country has run out of empanadas and milanesas, and we can't tango. We don't know what to do. Chaos is imminent. How is the Apocalypse affecting your countries? Share your experiences with us while we await our doom. No, I'm not drunk.
  20. Hellhound

    Post what you cannot say

    Leave me alone. Leave me the f*ck alone. I am not the solution to all of your issues, nor a punching bag you can use only when you're pissed off. Stop whining for attention, stop demanding a$$pats, stop asking me for favors, stop asking me to repay your (very rare) favors, stop stalking me, stop...