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  1. Janeypod

    Anyone else dislike being around children?

    Dunno if its common to those who suffer social anxiety but does anybody else just plain hate being around children...not necessarily hating kids but finding them thoroughly stressful to be around? :kickingmyself: Even from being a little girl I always knew I never ever wanted them and really...
  2. Janeypod

    I'm not a good person

    I feel so lost and confused. I find it more and more difficult to make friends the older I get. I feel I'm slowly but surely cutting all ties with the world...I would love to have friends but when I'm among people they drain me...I feel they don't like me or think I'm weird and I just want to...
  3. Janeypod

    Newbie Here...hello.

    Well its taken me months from registering to posting but here I am, horribly inept at conversation, and utterly petrified of meeting new people! Good start eh! :greeting: Really I'm just wanting to perhaps make a few friends so here goes.