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  1. LittleGloves

    Post your random thoughts/feelings etc

    Am so fed up with work
  2. LittleGloves

    Anxiety came back

    So it has been 3 years since I last been on this forum. Well, my anxiety came back and it hit me hard. The thing is, this is only the beginning. And I know there is more to come. I feel just downright awful.
  3. LittleGloves

    SA has scarred me.

    In the past when I was in my previous class something happened that led to my close friends leaving me. I was devastated because of that and it never was the same anymore. So I join a new class in a new year and because of that incident I am not the same person. I would always watch what I do...
  4. LittleGloves

    Feeling left out

    I posted a thread a week before. I just can't relate to the class at all. They are all so relax and I am the type of person who prefers listening to the lecturer instead of talking things which is...
  5. LittleGloves

    Joining a new class tomorrow. I'm really terrified.

    I'll be joining a new class tomorrow, a year two class and I am really scared. I don't know anyone at all from there so I will be this odd girl out. I don't know how I am going to fit in. The course that I am taking requires you to work in small groups. I don't know if anyone wants me in their...
  6. LittleGloves

    Lie or tell the truth?

    I was really surprised because my mentor from 2012 sms me and she asked how I am doing. I never get any sms since I don't have any friends so getting one from her was really unexpected. Now I have not been doing anything since then and it's a really long time. I don't know whether to lie to her...
  7. LittleGloves

    Experience with calling helplines

    So I was feeling really anxious just now and for some reason I felt like talking to someone. So I decided to call a helpline and it was a suicide hotline because I have called them before in the past. Took me enough courage to call them because of my phone anxiety. A guy picks up and I really...
  8. LittleGloves

    What phone are you using?

    I'm looking for a new phone and I was wondering what phones do you guys use? I currently use a basic mobile phone made by Nokia. No android whatsoever but it is rugged and good enough for me to call and sms.
  9. LittleGloves

    People that you love growing distant from you.

    Have anyone experience this before? I really hate when this happens and I feel like it has always been happening to me since I was young. You met a friend or could be a group of them. You connect with them, hang out with them and do everything with them. But for some reason as time passes it did...
  10. LittleGloves

    Grow With Glovey

    First and foremost I don't know if this is going to be a diary, journal or anything else for that matter. So I will just go along with it and post down whatever I am thinking. Always wanted to do this by writing it down but I never got around to accomplish that. So today I bought a sleeveless...
  11. LittleGloves

    Hey everyone!

    Hey everyone, I'm LittleGloves. Found out about this forum and decided to create an account. So here I am. I hope I can make some friends here. :)