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  1. arsenalwa

    Do you prefer the dark or light?

    I hate light. It just bothers me. I hate mornings, I hate going out in the sunlight, and when home I like it dim, not so dark that I can't see anything but like when the only source of light in the room is say the computer or TV screen at night, and just the sunlight from behind a closed window...
  2. arsenalwa

    arsenalwa's Journal

    I hate being the center of attention. But I've been feeling the need to vent and offload my thoughts somewhere more than ever lately, so I thought it was about time I got one of these. This thread will most likely be full of complaining and depressed crap that no-one will read or know what to...
  3. arsenalwa

    How much does music affect you?

    I'm wondering cause music can have such a profound impact on me. Music can really totally change the way I feel. I also think I'm considerably less anxious in public if I'm listening to music on my earphones, etc. How much does it affect you, or does it at all?
  4. arsenalwa

    What is the point of life, anyway?

    Yeah, just... what is the point of life really? I wrote like a page then realized it was all stupid and pointless itself so backspaced it all and kept that question, which is basically what I'm asking. Just curious as to know your thoughts...
  5. arsenalwa

    'I feel like no-one'

    Came across this by chance. Holly Stuckey dies in father's arms after being tormented by school bullies | Mail Online How sad is this planet...?
  6. arsenalwa

    Feeling "tired" all the time?

    Well, you see, most of the time, if not all the time, I feel.. you know, like tired. I don't know I'm probably lazy but I think this has got more to it than just laziness. It's like I just want to stay in my place all the time and do absolutely nothing. I don't wanna go anywhere, do nothing...
  7. arsenalwa

    Remembering/noticing details.

    so, I never remember details. like what other people wore for example. I'm not exaggerating but sometimes I may be with a friend for several hours and when I get home and I try to remember what was their clothes colors, I can't. I never notice in the first place. and I don't mean sometimes...
  8. arsenalwa

    It's getting crazy...

    ok, so, I usually don't know how to explain what I'm feeling or trying to say, so bear with me. I'm getting seriously, incredibly sensitive.. to human suffering. It's getting to the point of being unbearable. I have been thinking about making a thread about this for some time but after reading...
  9. arsenalwa

    Any positives out of it?

    Alright so, this is my first thread on here. Though I've been reading threads on this site for a while, I just registered yesterday with the idea of this thread on mind... So, has any of you thought that SA actually had any positive effect on you, your personality, the way you look at life...