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    Just thought I should share: BBC News - Gelotophobia: living a life in fear of laughter I used to be afraid of laughter and thinking that when people laugh, they're laughing at me. Even when they're actually laughing at me, I feel resentment. I avoided crowds of laughing people like the...
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    Fixed Mindsets

    We all know that calling people stupid/dumb/retarded is a terrible thing. But, what about calling people smart and intelligent? It might have the same effect. Read on to learn more: In Praise of Better Praise : The New Yorker
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    Interesting post from Lumosity: Source:
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    Can you read people's emotions?

    Take this test here:! I scored a 25/33, which surprised me because I thought I was lacking in the EQ department.
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    Skipping Graduation

    I will be graduating from college this fall, but won't be attending the commencement ceremony. Does anybody give a d*mn about it? I get angry people telling me I'm stupid because I won't be attending. They think I was too frightened to attend just because of some verbal bullies in class. They...
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    Just another journal

    So after almost a year of joining spw, I finally decided to make my own journal. Yay! Today was surreal. Me and my mom were on the freeway when we experienced extreme shaking in the car. My mom had a hunch something was wrong but I reasoned it away with "the wind must be strong today". Then we...
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    Post what you cannot say

    S**t s*** s***! I hate this freakin lazy bum! He keeps on piling work on top of me! I am so sick and tired of this guy! He's manipulative I tell you. I want to quit, but the only reason why I'm even helping him is because I feel sorry for him! He's in a pretty emotionally volatile situation...
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    Extravert and happiness

    How an Introvert Can Be Happier: Act Like an Extrovert - Yahoo! Finance What are your thoughts about this? Does pretending to be an extravert make you happier?
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    Social Anhedonia

    I just realized something about myself. I've been a loner for most of my life, and I've always attributed this to my social anxiety. However, I asked myself today, if my social anxiety is gone, would I still be a loner? To my surprise, the answer is yes. I think the reason why is because I have...
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    Malicious gossips

    If you hear someone talking negatively/gossiping about you, what would you do? a) confront that person and ask why he/she is talking about you, b) look at that person and "catch him/her in the act", c) ignore that person For many years, I've struggled with this problem. On one hand, I wanted...
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    Make Yourself Ugly to Avoid Attention

    Do you make yourself look uglier to avoid getting people's attention? I do. I used to have long hair and wear girlier clothes (skirts, pink shirts, shorts) and get random whistles from guys on the street. There were also guys who try to grab my attention but I ignored them so they got angry...
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    Give A Bully Another Million Chance?

    So, my brother has selective mutism, bullies me sometimes (much more violent in the past though), and doesn't talk to me verbally. Sometimes, he orders me to do things that I refuse to do. In short, he acts like king of the house. He did admit to me several times that he doesn't care what I...
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    Post what you cannot say

    Please stop trying to read my mind, or invade my privacy. It makes me feel violated in a way. We are not lovers or friends or family, so I don't have an obligation to reveal anything to you. I don't know what your motive is for doing this, maybe you derive pleasure from prying into people's...
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    Bad fashion advice from mom

    I know this is a bit off topic, but I need to rant it out. My mom keeps giving me bad fashion advice and recommendations! For some reason, she thinks I'm a size LLL (in fact, I am actually petite) and keeps buying me oversized shirts and pants. I remember during middle school, she bought a...
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    Hyper Aware when hanging out with people

    I notice that when I hang out with my friends or family, I become hyper aware of my surroundings. I notice every noise that I hear, every person that sits near us at the restaurant, and every little thing that goes on in the background. I pay more attention to the strangers around me than to the...
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    Family ashamed

    I'm living in a bad situation. My family is very unstable, with both my mom and my brother having mental problems. My mom probably has dementia and paranoia. My brother seems to be the same, and I think he also has autism. I do have social phobia and bouts of depression every now and then. Talk...
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    Offline Group Meeting

    I have SA and I'm agoraphobic. I've been taking online classes for several years now. When I have to work in groups, my team members and I use the discussion board forum (and sometimes chat) to collaborate on group work. We did everything online. But this semester, I have to work in a group...
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    Uncomfortable around Opposite Sex

    I feel uncomfortable around people of the opposite sex. It's not that I feel sexually attracted everytime I'm around them. It's more like I have trouble interacting and socializing with them. How uncomfortable I get depends on the attractiveness and 'macho-ness' of the guy. For example, if the...