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  1. Quinzio


    Anyone is taking pregnenolone ? I began taking it last Wednesday (50 mg/day), after I read that it can enhance mental capacity to think clearly, and increase the sense of well-being. Googling about it, I've found a couple of thread where they claim it helps anxiety in general and social anxiety...
  2. Quinzio

    Gosh, my last visit here.

    Oh my, my last visit here was Dec 29th, 2007. What have I done in all this time ?
  3. Quinzio

    Milgram experiment

    Hi all, it's a lot of time I would like to ask this. I think it's very important for me, you could learn something as well, so please bother reading. For those of you who want to have a background on Milgram: The point is: I am firmly convinced...
  4. Quinzio


    I doubt there are other italians here. Anyway it's worth a try. :(
  5. Quinzio

    De-shying exercises. How ?

    Hello, forgive my bad english again. I was looking for you people to post exercise to de-shy. For example, I read on another shyness board, you could exit your home with different shoes, e.g. a black shoe and a grey shoe, than you make your grocery or walk in the street. Of course you don't...
  6. Quinzio

    Birthday party

    In my workplace there is the habit to bring food when is your birthday. I really can't do it. It makes me feel so stupid, so embarassed, so anxious that I will avoid it with all my energy. How can I cope with it ? Has anyone the same problem ?
  7. Quinzio

    Will I ever find a girlfriend ?

    Hello everybody, I am new here. Forgive me my bad english, I live in Italy. I have put a presentation: My question is: Will I ever have a G/f ? I am 32, I have a job, I am in a good health, I can talk about many things, I have spared some...