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  1. dead24

    Has anybody didn't have success w/ driclor but had success w/ something else?

    I have severe palmar/plantar hyperhidrosis and the first treatment I tried was driclor. It didn't worked at all. Then I tried iontophoresis which reduced my hyperhidrosis to about 60-70% through hardwork. I had to treat myself 30min a day for months before it starts to work unlike other people...
  2. dead24

    Anybody else extremely shy?

    I am extremely shy I feel like the shyest person in the world even on this site. I am so incredibly awkward with people. I never initiate conversations. Im extremely quiet. I have always nothing to say. Im always alone. I dont have friends. I hate when people take pictures of me. I can't meet...
  3. dead24

    Social Anxiety: How to Be a Better Monkey

    Social Anxiety: How to Be a Better Monkey | Psychology Today an article about people always getting the wrong impression on social phobics
  4. dead24

    Psychology of Heavy Metal Music

    an interesting read listeners of heavy metal Psychology of Heavy Metal Music: Effects on Mood, Aggression, Suicide, Drug Use and Intelligence