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    Ocean or the forest

    If you could live in seclusion away from civilization. And had a choice between living in a house on the beach or a log cabin in the middle of the wilderness. What would you choose? I love both but I would pick the log cabin. I always favored the forest. And with beach houses you always have to...
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    Looking young for your age

    Not sure if this thread has been done before. Just wondering how many of you think you look young for your age. Seems to be a very common trait among a lot of social anxiety sufferers. Could be a very beneficial thing in the long run.
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    What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

    Mine is plain old vanilla. Chocolate chip a close second.
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    Poor posture

    I always have to remind myself to stand up straight. I tend to slouch, especially when I am tired. Part of it might be due to anxiety because I keep my head down too much. Though I was diagnosed with a slight curviture of the spine(scoliosis). So it does make it an extra effort not to slouch...
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    Asking for favors

    I know this is trivial compared to alot of other problems associated with SA. But due to my low self-esteem at times, I have a hard time asking friends or family members for a favor or help of any kind. Even though I have done plenty of favors for them. I get anxiety symptoms as I would with...
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    Holding grudges

    Wondering if other SA sufferers tend to hold grudges against people. Because we are extra sensitive and sometimes pissed off at society in general. Or are you harder on yourself. I tend to be harder on myself. Both are stressful, but holding a grudge is not worth it to me. I'll avoid negative...
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    Being observed

    I am usually good at carrying on conversations with people one at a time. Even people I don't know well. But when it comes to more than two people at a time, I start to feel the tension build. I feel as if people are watching my every move. I can't stand having an audience. Then I start to...
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    Following the crowd

    I wish I could be more assertive in life. I'm always giving in and afraid of offending or hurting someone's feelings. After a while you feel like a doormat that gets stepped on constantly. I have to remember "you can please some of the people some of the time,But you can't please all of the...
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    Headaches and SA

    I have always gotten frequent headaches as a result of social anxiety because of all the tension that builds up and no way of release in certain situations. Seems recently I have gotten migraines as well. Which usually don't respond to advil(pain relievers) and affects one side of your head, and...
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    anticipation anxiety

    One of my biggest problems with social phobia has always been the anticipation part of it. When some event is coming, I'll start getting nervous weeks ahead of time. I was always like that with the first day of school. I hated that more than anything. Whenever possible I like to do things in...
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    Tired of being labeled too quiet

    My whole life I always been hearing the same thing from people. Your too quiet. Its kind of rude for people to say that to your face. But they do. I'm not that quiet around family and friends, but around most everyone else I am. I do try to start conversations with people I don't know that...
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    Hiding social anxiety

    I'm good at hiding my social anxiety effects most of the time. Other people usually can't tell even though it can be killing me at times. Rapid heartbeat, hands tremble, upset stomach. Anyone else good at hiding it? The more I exercise and the more I get out, I feel alot more relief. Staying...
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    self help workbooks,cds

    Anyone have success with any self help therapies. Thats what i am looking into at the moment. Dr. Richards program or the Midwest center's Attacking Anxiety and depression program. Where you try to change your negative thoughts to positive ones by lessons learned through workbooks and...
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    Anyone else do this?

    Do you sometimes wait till its gets dark to go outside so no one will see you. Less chance of running into neighbors or anyone else. I try to do that when i have to get the mail or anything outdoors. I hate when i get the feeling i'm being watched. Privacy means alot.
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    hey there

    I'm new to this forum. Have had social anxiety most of my life. It's great to have people to relate too.