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  1. joyce

    Tell me what you think?

    well I was watching the news today and I saw this story which is kind of werid because canada is suppose to be free and accept all people anyways here it is tell me what you think YouTube - Neo-Nazis, anti-racists hold rally in Calgary
  2. joyce

    Take this quiz

    well I found this quiz about depression umm take a look and tell me how you score here's my score Disorder ----- Your Score Major Depression: High Dysthymia: Moderate Bipolar Disorder: High Cyclothymia: High Seasonal Affective...
  3. joyce

    make your own loneliness quote or quotes

    well I need a loneliness quote so umm post some quotes but they have to be your own quotes :O example: loneliness is unbearable like fire burns (ok it sucks but its my quote)
  4. joyce

    how do you deal with loneliness?

    so how do you deal with loneliness watching tv? maybe movie tell me how you deal with loneliness
  5. joyce

    I found this poem

    I'm not sure who wrote this but here it is Another Goth like me Black is my passion I love to stay in the dark Here, no one can hurt me I can cry as long as i want Having freeom to express anything Especially my sorrow and anger Since I was little I knew that I am a loner I don't want to hurt...
  6. joyce

    If your having a bad day :D

    well I was pretty dull and sad in the morning boom I see this picture and I smile :D so I hope it does the same for you :D
  7. joyce

    Things you missed out on today because of your SA,AVPD or shyness

    Post things you missed today because of your sa avpd or shyness I missed out going to the mall because of shyness
  8. joyce

    Why do you want a boyfriend or girlfriend?

    Why do you want a boyfriend or girlfriend (This is for people who are single) Reasons: 1.lonely make love kiss show off share things help treat your sa or avpd or shyness love and be loved :) Example: I want a boyfriend for 3 reasons(if its more then one please...
  9. joyce

    can depression>>>????

    can depression cause loss of appetite (this might be a dumb question 0_O)
  10. joyce

    What kind of room should i get ?

    Well im re decorating my room its a 13by 8 room so umm yeah what kind of theme should i go with? (picitures) and This is not my room but I want it to look something like this :) and if some one can tell me how to put a picture properly that would be helpful. example:
  11. joyce

    Does anyone still write in there diary?

    Does any one still write there thoughts and how they feel in there diary? I'm just asking because I feel a bit old writing in my diary.
  12. joyce

    Does anyone feel like there dirt or lower?

    I feel like im wasting peoples time does anyone esle feel like that? or feel like the world would've been better if you weren't born?
  13. joyce

    how many times do you cry during the week?

    first poll just asking how many times you cry during the week
  14. joyce

    how do I make friends?

    Well I just moved to barrie from vaughan so I had to change schools and stuff in my new school no one takes to me and a girl named shelly just hates me for example she tells everyone that I know I'm better then everyone esle in my class so the people in my class don't even talk to me once she...