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  1. singing-love

    Too Stupid....

  2. singing-love

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Hope you all have a great time! Love love love!
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    That feeling again...

    I feel like a complete and uter failure, will I truly never be good enough? It seems as if everything I do turns out to be wrong or bad in some way. People expect so much of me and I just don't deliver. I've truly failed now and I can't stand myself for it. :sad:
  4. singing-love

    How are you feeling?

    I just want to share some happy with everyone, I know things can be really hard and life can weigh down you you, but I know you all deserve to be happy. Remember you ARE worth it. You ARE special, unique and most of all you are IMPORTANT. Your happiness matters.
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    What do you desire - in pictures

    Can't wait for this to happen! Only 85 days, 22 hours and 48 mintues left. Not that I am counting ::p:
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    Option Overload

    So, I’m currently undergoing my final year of high school (thank goodness!) but now I’m left with what on earth am I meant to do with my life next year? I have so many different options readily available to me and I have never been so confused in my entire life! It's hard because I am naturally...
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    Difficult Situation...

    So, I have a younger brother and from a very young age I've cared for him like I would my own child. As a result we are very close and he confides in me, I'm the first person he comes to with his problems and the first person he asks for advice. We've been close for as long as I can remember, I...
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    Sing! Sing! Sing!

    Me Being Alone & silent = people are happy.
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    Post what you cannot say

    You are a truly amazing person, despite what you think you could never be a burden to me, you help me to become a better person. I believe you have an amazing future ahead of you, i know you will succeed in your life and i'm always here to back you up and encourage you. I love you, it makes me...
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    Exciting and nerve-wracking news

    So I really wanted to share my news because I'm really excited but also scared out of my wits! A few months ago I applied for what's called a nannyship, it's where you live in the home of a family and take care of their children plus some odd house chores, etc. Well I applied for two one in...
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    Sing! Sing! Sing!

  12. singing-love


    Why do I have to sit by and watch the people I love suffer? Why can't I make their pain stop and have the solutions ready for them? I can't stand watching people suffer, especially the people I love, it's killing me. It's like I can feel everyone's pain but I'm useless to stop it, I can't...
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    GAP - Girl Angst Place

    Anyone that has ever been abused could have felt this at some point. But people are NEVER justified. Abuse is not acceptable from anyone and you are not nothings. You are all important and special in your own ways. Don't ever protect someone for abusing you, please speak up always speak up and...
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    GAP - Girl Angst Place

    No matter what people say and what society dictates you all have to remember that you are free to be your own person. You dont need to conform to what is seen as "normal", because really what is normal? And really do you want to be what society dictates as "normal"? Break free from the...
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    GAP - Girl Angst Place

    Never give up guys! Hugs to all of you.
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    How are you feeling?

    Logically i know this, i know it's probably not my fault, that i should move on and put this "incident" with the rest. But even as i type this i know it's not happening anytime soon, hell I've been home a whole half an hour and i'm already i'm curled on my bed in the fetal position crying. :sad...
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    GAP - Girl Angst Place

    Everyone feel free to interpret this your own way, whether it be a relationship, life, career, anything. Don't give up on yourself. One day it will pay off. If you ever feel like giving up talk to someone, my doors always open to any of you. *Hugs* for everyone who needs it, here for you all.
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    GAP - Girl Angst Place

    This is true for everyone, sometimes you have to know when to give up. You have to know who's worth fighting for, to help yourself. I'm here for you all, *hugs* for anyone that needs it.
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    GAP - Girl Angst Place

    Today i just want to spread some love, i want you all to know how truly amazing you all are. You all deserve to smile and be happy. You are all unique and amazing. No matter what's going on right now i love you all and i'm here for you, anytime :thumbup: Tomorrow is a new day, so always make...
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    GAP - Girl Angst Place

    Always remember that relationships are a two way street, you can't continuously give to someone who gives nothing positive in return. Remember your happiness is important and never stand for abuse of any kind from a partner, it isn't worth it. I'm here for anyone that needs to talk, always speak...