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  1. Bama_Heath

    Do you avoid people in familiar public places?

    I do this a lot. I live in a small town where pretty much the largest place to go into where you will see people you know is a Wal-Mart. I dread going there because I know I will see or run into people I know. I get all anxious/nervous cause people are all over the place and I'm trying to keep...
  2. Bama_Heath

    Does anyone here dread B'days ??

    I think the last time I actually looked forward to a B-day was the turning 21 milestone. I always didn't like them in general though because I don't like to be the complete center of attention which makes me experience anxiety. Since 21 I find myself getting more and more depressed with each...
  3. Bama_Heath

    How did I go from being 'The Man' to the 'Outcast'??

    I have never really enjoyed being around large groups of people. I tend to enjoy close personal conversations with a small select group of people instead. I was always very popular in High School and College though. I had tons of friends because I didn't belong to any one particular clique. I...