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  1. Kiwong

    Being Single vs Being In A Relationship

    Good for some, bad for others.
  2. Kiwong

    Being Single vs Being In A Relationship

    Like choko with cream sauce.
  3. Kiwong

    How are you feeling?

    It's Ok Pug, pleasant conversation is a leap forward for me.
  4. Kiwong

    I am a wierdo

    The price, not worrying so much what people think and living an authentic life.
  5. Kiwong

    How are you feeling?

    She's married, just pleasant conversation, no shenanigans.
  6. Kiwong

    Post your random thoughts/feelings etc

    Garmin connect tells me I am relaxed at work. This is inconceivable
  7. Kiwong

    How are you feeling?

    It's working, I can talk to people again. Talking to people is enjoyable when it goes well.
  8. Kiwong

    How are you feeling?

    Went to lunch with a lady from work, it went well.
  9. Kiwong

    Being Single vs Being In A Relationship

    I joked with my therapist who encourages me to seek out relationships that I would then need to spend a fortune on a relationship counsellor. I am working on getting used to the company of people just simple conversation and group situations. That is challenging enough.
  10. Kiwong

    Healthy/Unhealthy Ways of Coping

    Welcome back nodejesque, glad to hear you are ok. I cope with running, photography, writing, guitar music. Last year I started on medication for the first time, and ha been working on exposing myself to situations that make me anxious. Although it was fearful at the start I can now cope better...
  11. Kiwong


    I went to concert last year and it was great. I've been exposing myself to real life siutations. I certainly don't avoid you tube.
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    Some of the things you list I use to avoid social interaction in person - you tube, music. I' generally watch music on you tube, which saves going to watch music live. I communicate a lot with forums, blogs and social media because I prefer it to in person interaction. gradual exposure to the...
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    Religious debate

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    Movie trailers

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    Post your favourite music

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    Exercise Log

    So I have done 3 × 6km runs. Still quite slow. Close to last on strava segments.
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    Social Anxiety Memes

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    Movie trailers

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    One quality your proud of.

    I am a survivor. 56 years of surviving.