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  1. grapevine

    Off my chest rants- or how not to live your life

    So mums subtly making me fear my weight. Sure ive put on weight, went thru a tough time and burnt out and then after that two years of severe stress, sure the depression sunk in along with the burnout and that is what happens because of the insulin raised and the emotional needs of comfort. I...
  2. grapevine

    Off my chest rants- or how not to live your life

    Im writing this morning with a massive migraine finally seeing signs of departing. It was 40 C degrees yesterday and a warm night i spent watching the end of Rivendale on Netflix - a modern take on the Archie comics. Its not that great a show but it was something to get into whilst not being...
  3. grapevine

    Post your random thoughts/feelings etc

    is it acceptable to kindly tell a person you know about their irritating and frustrating and cringe-worthy behaviours and issues that they are for the most part unaware of, without hurting their feelings? Ive always read to use 'I' statements.. ?? Im talking about strong smells coming from...
  4. grapevine

    Off my chest rants- or how not to live your life

    Wake up this morning. I know i write bad routes in my mind on here and like i hate and so on. But its a stress that I get out. I started crying this morning because for weeks rugs has said he will help me and my mum get my two pet sheep ready to be shawn for the shearer. It means we have to coax...
  5. grapevine

    Off my chest rants- or how not to live your life

    Thanks : ) Its silly really, but he has all those issues with cognitive problems so entrenched in him that he doesnt know what he is doing most of the time. All he knows is that he has moulded his life onto mine. That was the first time he had ever gotten mad at me before. I just couldnt take...
  6. grapevine

    Post a photo of where you live

    Be nice to see where we all live and the different landscapes : )
  7. grapevine

    Post any good TED Talks and the like...

    Any favourite inspirational or interesting videos put here..
  8. grapevine

    How do you dress, what do you wear most of the time?

    Don't worry this ain't a huge dribble post I usually erupt into lol Im just interested in what others here wear as I know social phobia can interfere with our perception of ourselves at times and that can show in how we present ourselves. I usually wear just casual clothes. At the moment its...
  9. grapevine

    Dealing with a close friend with delusions

    Didnt know where to put this. Ive had the realisation that (altho I knew) 'Rugs' ( yes the guy I go on and on about - my ex, my friend..) has a delusional disorder of grandeur. Its quite heartbreaking for me. Having social phobia as many here know, means you cut yourself short socially. At...
  10. grapevine

    If you could change your name... it would be??

    Alexandria :applause::bigsmile: (because I used to watch a 90s show called 'Alex Mac' about a girl with powers and she was so cool lol
  11. grapevine

    Over-doing it with people

    This is just a curiosity if others do this too? Ive always felt with my shyness that I usually take big prevalent steps to make the other person feel comfortable with me or within any situation around me. Usually if its at my house, but also just about anywhere. I find that Ill overcompensate...
  12. grapevine

    He broke up with me rugs

    yes he did. And I feel so hurt and upset. its so silly. It happened over chat/messenger. I had a really bad day at work and everything - add in pms and the flue and loads of pressure of things I gotta do for early xmas party and then rug's online adventures and I cracked - Im like god its just...
  13. grapevine

    How do you break up

    .. without really hurting the other person?
  14. grapevine

    How would u react? (not intended to bully or persecute)

    Ive been spilling my beans all over this forum for awhile - all caught up in this toxic relationship. He has schizophrenia and the things that come with that are all so over-consuming for me in such stress. When someone acts in ways that disturb you. When there are no boundaries to their...
  15. grapevine

    Anxiety attacks over trying to be assertive

    Yes so its Rugs the schizophrenic partner I have:shyness: I ask my therapist how I could be more authentic towards him as I have felt that I have been harboring all this 'stuff' and it was always getting to me and adding to resentment even more and more. She told me that I should speak up to...
  16. grapevine

    Rant/ So sick of feeling like people around me being disrespectful

    Lately, I've felt like I martyr. That (not online/in-person) That Im going out of my way in my job, my partner, my family... and do not get anything back much in return. And I do know that I give back to me- and not rely on others, but when they rely on me all the time. Ive been in a...
  17. grapevine

    Being social overwhelming?

    I don't know if it's the history of social phobia or not, but I find that I can only really cope with being social with just one person at a time. I have issues with boundaries and assertiveness and feeling for the other person (compassion) together with motivation to help them, that I end up on...
  18. grapevine

    BF in a rut with no initiative to help himself

    It's just driving me crazy. Aside from my own issues with him as his GF- it's his own self that I am concerned about. He seems so unhealthy physically and behaviourally more than usual lately. In the night times, all he wants to do is go to sleep. He gets so tired. He says he doesn't like the...
  19. grapevine

    Need an opinion

    So my partner plays electric guitar and tells me he has been playing for 15 years and one of the best in the state. I think he is good, but I'm no guitarist. I cannot tell if he is really good -but not great, good or good-good. I will likely take this off later as I feel it's kinda wrong to put...