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  1. stephen

    Profile Wording

    Considering it's a social phobia website maybe you could change the wording under the profiles where it lists friends. Isn't it a bit cruel saying "x has not made any friends yet". Do we need the constant reminder :D ?
  2. stephen

    Official YouTube Channels

    Just wondering about your favourite official channels on YouTube? For some reason they seem to be hard to find. Radiohead Gorillaz Blur
  3. stephen


    This thread is for total BS. I would like you to make something up and try to make it sound convincing :D.
  4. stephen

    Worst <blank> Ever...

    I thought I'd harness some of the boundless negativity around here to scrape the bottom of the barrel for the dregs of human endeavour. What has earned your scorn to be awarded the title of Worst <insert category> Ever?...
  5. stephen

    Favourite Movies?

    What are your favourite movies? A few off the top of my head; Harold and Maude Wings of Desire Eraserhead Repo Man More when I remember them...
  6. stephen

    Recent Threads

    It would be good if the list of Recent Threads on the main page included the links to different pages that you see on the lists in the sub-forums. When a thread has many pages I like to start at the last page so it is annoying having to open the thread then click on the last page link from there.
  7. stephen

    Favourite Ambient Music?

    I find Brian Eno pretty relaxing when I am stressing out. I especially like the long ambient pieces like Discreet Music, Thursday Afternoon and Neroli. Anyone recommend any other ambient music/ artists?
  8. stephen

    Toggle Mini Messenger

    Is there a way to toggle or hide the mini messenger bar?
  9. stephen

    Old Farts?

    Hi, I'm Stephen. I'm 42 turning 43 this month. I noticed there's a pretty young age group around here (not that there's anything wrong with that ;)) so I was just wondering who the oldies are :D.
  10. stephen

    Tuning Out?

    Ok not so much a poll, just wondering if this is a feature of social anxiety or just my own weird brain. On many occasions, particularly when I am working on the computer or focusing on something, I will realise someone is standing beside me and acknowledge them only to find out that they asked...