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  1. EdgeCrusher

    how bad is it that i am looking up the psychological effects of loneliness?

    i can feel myself slipping. going down a dark road that i dont want to go down. how bad is it that i am looking up the psychological effects of long term loneliness? because i am starting to see and feel certain behaviors that i think are a result of this.
  2. EdgeCrusher

    im not sure what forum this belongs in but...

    is there something wrong with me? i am 29 and have been single since high school. i have had several opportunities to potentially start dating a few different women recently. the only thing is, they are all very outgoing party girls. they drink a lot, one of them smokes pot. i dont want that in...
  3. EdgeCrusher

    what does this sound like to you?

    i havent been actually tested for any disorders or anything so id like to get opinions from people here. i am and always have been a quiet person in the first place. based on what i have read online i am pretty sure that i am love-shy. i have never been able to talk to women as far as being...
  4. EdgeCrusher

    hey im new, unsure about myself

    i havent decided how much of why im antisocial is because i get anxious in social situations, or because i dont really like people all that much. lol, that sounds bad. i have always been kind of a loner. never had many people that shared my interests that stuck around in my life. as a result i...