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  1. Social_Monstrosity

    First job?

    I am 20 and have never had a job. My mother is struggling to pay bills and I feel like **** not being able to help her. My anxiety is binding me down but I feel the need to contribute and actually feel like a working component to my family. What kind of job would take somebody with zero...
  2. Social_Monstrosity

    We're not shy or anxious...we're EVOLVED?!

    You're Not Shy, You're Evolved Interesting...
  3. Social_Monstrosity

    Might as well be a hermit.

    Outside of my mother and the occasional cashier/service worker, I have not socialized with another person since I graduated high school in 2009. What the hell is wrong with me? Why do I have to be this way? How can I change? I just don't know what to do.
  4. Social_Monstrosity

    Novels featuring characters with social phobia?

    What are some enticing reads featuring characters who are very withdrawn and possible suffer from social anxiety disorder?
  5. Social_Monstrosity

    How do I even make friends?

    When I'm incapable of striking up a conversation with somebody? It doesn't help that I'm unemployed and don't go to school either. :/ I just know a social life would vastly improve my quality of life but I'm incapable of acquiring one...I feel like I always give off creeper vibes since I always...
  6. Social_Monstrosity

    Tense body language...

    My shoulders are always tense and they just naturally raise's been this way for years even. I also still have a habit of sucking in my gut even though I'm not particularly overweight anymore. Is there a way to kick these anxious habits? :( Anyone else have this problem?
  7. Social_Monstrosity

    I'm almost 20 and have the responsibility of a 12 year old.

    What happened to me? How did I slip so far like this? It's just so frustrating to think fear binds me in place and I'm wasting my life away. I don't know what to do guys. I'm sorry if this is a tritely made thread but I felt the need to post.
  8. Social_Monstrosity

    Concerning, "Survival of the Fittest".

    Do you feel that the concept of Survival of the Fittest correlates to our social anxiety? Are we the weak people on the planet? Do we deserve to have a lesser life than our more sociable brethren?
  9. Social_Monstrosity

    Completely nonexpressive face?

    Does anybody else struggle to facially express their emotions? My face is so stiff and neutral all the time, I think it creeps people out...
  10. Social_Monstrosity do I make and keep friends?

    It's such a foreign concept to me. The only friends I can seem to keep are online and even then I get ignored after a while. I'm not needy/creepy or annoying or anything like that. Getting a job will probably help but after 30 applications with no response, it's easy to get discouraged. :(
  11. Social_Monstrosity

    Sex drive already gone at 19?

    I'm hoping this thread won't be too explicit but I've had an issue for a few months that I fear might be rooted from my SAD. Again, sorry if this is explicit. Okay so I cannot get aroused without myself "intervening" physically. Like lets say the girl of my dreams is in front of me in a...
  12. Social_Monstrosity

    "Just be yourself and you will meet people who appreciate you for who you are."

    "Just be yourself and you will meet people who appreciate you for who you are." Biggest load of BS ever? ::(: Being myself has gotten me nowhere in life, putting up a more friendly, approachable facade has worked for me from time to time, but it will surely fizzle out eventually. Life with...
  13. Social_Monstrosity

    Gym Phobia.

    How do you overcome it? I've started committing myself to start exercising a lot more but around 10 or 15 minutes into my workout at my community gym today, I experienced a panic attack and immediately left. It was insanely embarrassing, so many people were looking at me, I felt as if I were...
  14. Social_Monstrosity

    Are we hardwired at birth to be socially inferior to "normies"?

    I was philosophizing about our condition from a social standpoint earlier, and this thought came to me. By definition, we are "Betas". We are not dominant Type-A personalities in any sense of the word. On the social ladder we are servile and submissive to the "Alphas". In our lifetimes we will...
  15. Social_Monstrosity

    Returning to school...

    Will be a nightmare. :( I just know it. I graduated high school in 2009 and haven't done anything academically since...but I do want to go to school and study Film and Screenwriting. I have nothing else going for me and maybe going back to school will help me with my SAD. However, even a single...
  16. Social_Monstrosity

    One of the most successful contemporary musicians out there struggled with SAD.

    And depression. AND hard drugs. Read about it here. Trent Reznor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Trent Reznor! He used to be in Nine Inch Nails and dropped out of Interscope Records to pursue a solo career. Most recently he composed the score to The Social Network which has received MANY...
  17. Social_Monstrosity

    Is it narcissistic to think this??

    I think that if I were a very good looking person that my SAD would drastically be reduced and I'd have a much easier time holding a conversation...
  18. Social_Monstrosity

    Do you have small, soft hands?

    People always comment on how small, delicate, and non-calloused my hands are for a guy. I've noticed that often very anxious or meek people have small physical attributes. Do you have any physical features that you somehow believe relate to your SA?
  19. Social_Monstrosity

    I have to rant.

    I NEVER leave my apartment. Well, my mom's apartment I should say. I haven't earned a penny in my entire lousy life. I also... -Don't work due to SAD. -Don't go to school (I NEARLY dropped out of high school. Only by a shred of a miracle did I manage to graduate. I skipped SO many days.)...
  20. Social_Monstrosity

    Why is SAD such a difficult concept for "normal" people to grasp?

    I've tried talking to some people about it online and the usual rebuttal they have is "Get over it." or "Just go and talk to somebody, be yourself and somebody will like you!" which is completely false. Why is our plight so foreign to extroverts? Can't they see it from our perspective? Are...