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  1. DeathMetal

    Post a pic of your computer workstation

    Here's mine:
  2. DeathMetal

    Anyone collect swords?

    Or any other medieval weapons or armor? For some reason I've always had an interest in swords. Mostly large European great swords, but I also like Japanese katanas. So far I only have two swords, but I would like to buy more and start a collection. If I was rich I would probably have an entire...
  3. DeathMetal

    Some ways that my SA affects me.

    I'm sure these are from a combination of my shyness, depression, and SA but here goes. -I can't sign my name legibly while someone is watching, I just feel a rush of anxiety. I can write down the first letter just fine, but after that it's basically scribbles. If the person happens to be...
  4. DeathMetal

    I'm so sick of this...

    I'm lonely, depressed, and have social anxiety. I've never had a girlfriend. Sometimes I have sleep paralysis or night terrors or whatever its called. I have no friends and I think I am the most boring person on earth. I've had a grand total of 2 friends my entire life, both of them back in high...
  5. DeathMetal


    I am relatively new here and realized I have yet to introduce myself. I am a 30 year old guy (soon to be 31) living in Wisconsin. I enjoy video games (hooked on MLB 09 The Show for PS3 right now), playing guitar, working out, and just listening to metal music. I am depressed and have mild to...