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  1. Xion

    How to put up a conversation

    There's this girl in my class who talks to me very much and is very supportive. But lately, I just can't seem to find a topic to talk about. No matter how hard I try, I just can't find a topic to talk about. Can you guys tell me which topic I should talk about to her in our everyday conversation?
  2. Xion

    Post what you cannot say

    You ruined me! You gave me my SA and depression! How dare you say such mean things to me. You people are the very reason I don't want to exist. No matter how much I love you, you have never shown any love to me. You ignore me like I am invisible, and sometimes, I even beleive that I am...
  3. Xion

    New game: Dragon Way(RPG)

    Hi. This is my first RPG. Rules: 1- No godmodding. Doing so will result in modkill. 2- Follow the forum rules. 3- Staying inactive for more than 2 days will result in modkill. 4- I determine the outcome. 5- You can kill anyone you like as long as they are not on your side. 6- Everyone are free...
  4. Xion

    I don't belong anywhere

    Its been so long since I've been feeling like I don't belong anywhere in this world. When I told this to my so-called friend, she said that I am a fool to think that I don't belong anywhere. Am I really a fool to think like that? Everyone lets me down, even the people who should care about me...
  5. Xion

    Is SlenderMan real?

    The other day, my classmate told me that he saw a 12-feet tall man in the dark, watching him when he was returning home from tuition at night. He said that at first he felt like he was being watched by something. When he looked at a certain area where there were a lot of palm trees, he saw a...
  6. Xion

    Loneliness thread

    I always get alone in class. No one sits near me and almost everyone ignore what I say except my crush. The one who used to talk to me the most doesn't talk to me anymore. I am so lonely in my class and no one cares about me.. And I always feel like I am gonna be alone forever. Does anyone else...
  7. Xion

    My love Confession

    There's this girl who I am in love with very much. She looks at me so much when we are in class. We have been friends for a while now, and she always smiles me when she talk to me. Her smile makes my bad mood and emptiness go away. I have been in love with her for a while now.. So, I decided to...
  8. Xion

    Clash of clans thread

    Is there anyone who plays a game named clash of clans? Anyway, I am recruiting new members for my clan. My clan name is Rising Phoenix and clan tag:#L08GQJPR. Those who play thisgame, please join us.. We donate a lot of troops and we have a lot of fun..
  9. Xion

    why am i always ignored and invisible?

    Hi.. I have been trying to get rid of my SA and depression.. But things have been going very bad for me... My so-called friends have been ignoring me.. I haven't said or done anything that offends them in any manner.. O talk yo them loudly enough for them to hear.. The other day, they hung out...
  10. Xion

    Suicide help thread

    I almost committed suicide today... I was going to stab myself in the chest.. But my sister came and stopped me.. If it wasn't for her, I would've died today by my own hand.. I still have the thoughts of suicide.. And I'm unable to stop it.. Please tell me guys, what should I do to stop these...
  11. Xion

    Apologizing thread

    I am that Halym user.. But the person who hassled you isn't me.. I live in a room with a lot of roommates.. Sometimes I would leave my computer when I am logged in to this site because I get busy often.. One of my roommates hassled many people when I was away many times.. But I will never ever...