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    Beat that social phobia!

    I thought i might write this so people could better understand the process i used to fight social phobia! I decided for one reason or another that i had to beat this thing once and for all because it was ruining my life! I knew i couldn't do it though, if i kept fighting with myself every step...
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    Brisbane / Gold Coast

    Hey i am from the gold coast and i want to meet other people and make friends with social phobia people in my area. So if you wanna be friends and chat, or hang out sometime add me to your msn! Dark_Picard @ Hotmail .com
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    Careful what you ask for! You might get it...

    Yesterday i decided to start talking to randoms cause i really don't have that many friends and i want to make some. Anyway i found myself really nervous so i decided to do something easier to lower my nerves. I decided to ask for a job application form. They either say just bring in a resume or...
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    Emotional or Physical

    Hey i hooked up with a girl on the weekend at a party for the first time :) Anyway just out of curiosity.. Do people feel touch, attraction, affection at different levels? I find myself it is at a very emotional level more then a physical level.. Maybe that's why i always found it so hard to...
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    Walking + Rain

    Just out of curiosity how many people's parents make them walk home in the rain at 10pm?? I'm not sure if this its a normal thing or not but i remember walking home in the rain a lot growing up!
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    People's mindset

    Today i went for a run at the football field down the road! Anyway when i get there, a man in his 30's was leaving and as he walked past he said to me! Go Home Mate, it's not worth it. I asked him what's not worth it and he said the run! I looked him in the eye and said no, it is worth it! He...
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    The positive thread

    I see negative posts everywhere so i thought i would make a thread for some positive things! Please post something positive about yourself! NO NEGATIVE POSTS AT ALL PLEASE.... If you can only think of negative things then don't post until you find a positive thing! Thanks! Feel free to post...
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    Hard Life!

    Hey im 27 Years old! I guess ill tell my story! Perhaps it will help someone! I developed extreme social phobia at a very early age! I'm not sure when exactly! I remember in school i started getting bullied because i wouldn't talk to anyone. I have lots of sad memories actually! I remember...
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    How do people make you feel?

    Hey i just added this chick at work i like to face book and anyway i had a glimpse into her life and it started making me think. Just wondering how everyone feels when they take a look into someone's life and see that they get invited out all the time? See that they have many friends? And see...
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    I just wanted to talk about rejection a little and hope that it will help people deal with it and understand where it comes from. Feel free to add more to it if you feel the need to! Rejection!! I have found that most the time that rejection isn't cause of you! Normal people are scared to! Like...