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  1. SilentStranger

    Hmm another year.. was it good or bad?

    Another year and it feels like I have never done anything really. It was a rollercoaster ride as always, but I wished there were more highs. I suppose I can't complain too much. I moved to a new place, at least it feels like I am not stagnating in one place. So how did your year go...
  2. SilentStranger

    My Physio is hot!

    Sorry just a random thought!
  3. SilentStranger

    Do you feel depressed after reading facebook?

    I look logged onto my fake facebook account and spied on people from school & uni. Now I feel so depressed. Its because most of them are married/in relationships and/or have kids and overall seem to living normal lives. Last time I met one group was at my 10th school reunion and even back...
  4. SilentStranger

    Wanting to dull the pain?

    More and more I am feeling the need too dull my pain & anxiety. I donno I have never abused any drugs (illegal or otherwise) or alcohol, but I don't know why I feel the need for something like Valium now. Does anybody else feel like that? I don't know why maybe because I think other meds...
  5. SilentStranger

    Been to Las Vegas?

    I went there a while ago. It was weird. I was so anxious I hated most of the time I was in my hotel room and Vegas. It was Ok when I was drunk and playing pokies (U call em slot machines right?). I almost enjoyed my company. But then again I can mostly tolerate socialising under the...
  6. SilentStranger

    Family Guy 150th Ep

    Any Family Guy fans here? Anybody watch the 150th ep, Brian & Stewie? What does anybody think of the contents of Brian's safety deposit box? I don't know what the rules are around this forum, but the ep was MA15+ in these parts. So Mods delete this thread if you want. -SS
  7. SilentStranger

    Aaaarggh!! I hate this life

    Sorry all! This kinda of vent post folk. Not the best to do returning to this place after such a loong absence (not entirely my choice). Not that it matters, most of the regular names I remember seem to have left the site or are dormant. Arrrgg I hate this SP. I fear I am about to fall...
  8. SilentStranger

    How acceptable is a socialphobe?

    What do non-SP people think about people with SP? With all the 'symptoms' that we have... you know... Don't have friends, don't have girlfriends/wives or boyfriends/husbands*, might not be in a good job. tends to be homebodies. What most of the population would, unfortunately tag as traits of...
  9. SilentStranger

    Who's going to provide my ALIBI for tonight (New Years eve)?

    No I am not going to commit a crime. But I am however planning to stay home tonight/1st morning. Now that can be a crime in some peoples books. The truth is I accually would not mind going out. As I can handle social interaction in small doses now. Ok its conditional on me having large...
  10. SilentStranger

    Do you think you will be cured?

    Do you think you will be cured? You know to lead a normal life? I am especially interested in people who were SP or shy all their life... or had it since early hildhood. When things got bad for me in late teens, I thought it would never get better. And then in my early 20s I thought there...
  11. SilentStranger

    SP: All your life or acquired later

    I just want to know if people here had SP all their life or if you acquired later in life? If you got it later in life, then when did you get it? In mid-late teens? As an adult? If you got it later, was it caused by any particular event? Do you think its easier to get cured of SP if you...
  12. SilentStranger


    I am feeling a bit disconnected. No no I am not talking about internet... thats also disconnecting.. but thats another story. Ever since I got the net (in mid/late 90s) I have been looking at SP/shyness forums. Always felt that I a bit relieved when I found so many people posting about the...
  13. SilentStranger

    Aussies.. Where do you hang out online?

    One of the reasons I joined this site was the fact that there was a Australian section. Although there seems to be number of you, but not enough. Just wondering where else do you hang out or post online. I know there is a Melbourne based forum, but seems to mostly dead apart from the few...
  14. SilentStranger

    Irrational or rational? Real or Imaginary?

    Hmm I am tying to understand! What is real and what is just in my mind. I have always been extremely worried about certain events (parties, uni/school presentations, work meetings). I have been told (by doctors/family) its anticipatory anxiety and irrational fear. All I have to do is to...
  15. SilentStranger

    Is your life a Sitcom?

    Just got me thinking. I was watching UK Sitcom series Teachers and was thinking of Kurt McKenna. No he is not meant to be a particularly SP character, but was thinking about his situation. Anyway its weird thinking about how situations that might be the norm in some of our lives... seems...
  16. SilentStranger

    Blocked out of Chat?

    It seems I can't connect to Chat either via the Java Client, Mirc or Pidgin. The reason is I am blocked due to one of my ISP's netblock has been listed on a SORBS DNS blacklist. The reason is: "[MU] Dynamic/Generic IP/rDNS address, use your ISPs mail server or get rDNS set to indicate...
  17. SilentStranger

    How close are you to your family?

    I am very close to my parents and my only sibling. Partly because they are the only people I am comfortable with. Just wondering how close people here are to their families? How do you relate to your siblings? Are they SPic or shy? -SS
  18. SilentStranger

    I am sick of this... routine

    No not SP exactly. Well I wish I didn't have it... but thats not what i mean. When I look back at the last few years...It almost seem like I have wasted them. My life seem to revolve around my boring job. All I have done is react to stress from work. I haven't really progressed my life at...
  19. SilentStranger

    Has anybody thought of travel?

    As a kid I used to enjoy road trips with my family. I haven't really gone on a proper holiday for a long time. I mean I would like to travel around Oz one day. Also would really love to do a extended holiday to UK and Europe. I mean everybody seem to be doing it. I wish I could travel...
  20. SilentStranger

    How long have you been on this site?

    Yea, I know it shows the date that you joined is displayed on the side.. but who as been here the longest? According to the Whois records, this site has been up since Aug-2003. Anybody been here since then? As for me even though I have lurked here once or twice before, I only joined last...