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  1. Hoppy

    Post what you cannot say

    May I please have some time alone?
  2. Hoppy

    Post what you cannot say

    I am tired, angry. I've been scraping along with nothing for the past twenty years just to help you and be nice to you, and in return I received only anger and contempt. You have made my life miserable, and the day you die I will not feel anything but relief.
  3. Hoppy

    Post what you cannot say

    I've finally figured out that the people I hate the most is the people I love the most and who does not care about me. And the people who do care about me I do not love. 45 years, one proper invitation.
  4. Hoppy

    Hoppy's quest for beauty - please vote

    I've been growing my hair for a year now. I realized very early on I do not like having long hair, but decided in April when I weighed 115kg that I will cut it when my weight drop to 100kg. And finally I am so very close to that I can put up a poll, and let other people make the decision for...
  5. Hoppy

    Hopping along - Hoppy's journal

    I thought for a while I should keep a bit of a journal. I've tried the blogging bit but it just isn't me, so I am going to post stuff on here instead of keeping it all in my head, where it really belongs. A little bit of background. I'm South African, 41 years old, self-employed, basically...
  6. Hoppy

    A story for people who don't know what they want to do

    Another of Paul Graham's wonderful essays. What You'll Wish You'd Known
  7. Hoppy

    Self-esteem tips

    Not dating myself but I always read this blog in preparation for the big day. But a nice list anyway:100 tips for better self-esteem And a question. Why do we allow 'friends' to treat us in ways that we would not accept from a boy/girlfriend?
  8. Hoppy

    Top five regrets

    Lifted from somewhere
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    Do you ever get invitations? The actual reason I'm asking, and I'm also sort of looking for advice here. I have a female cousin, about the only family member I have ever sort of connected with, and I knew her daughter since she was very small. The daughter is now getting married, and I...
  10. Hoppy

    Social Anxiety Research- Stellenbosch, SA

    They are doing a study on SA in Stellenbosch,looks quite interesting. No treatment for it, but include MRI and blood tests. Home Page | Social Anxiety Disorder