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  1. miserablecow

    Deleting account

    How do I delete my account?
  2. miserablecow

    deleted a guys number

    I recently deleted a guys number and now i cant stop thinking about him. The reason why i delted his number was that he wasnt worth it (dont want to get into why). Grrr cant stop thinking about him.
  3. miserablecow

    What are you scared of?

    For me it's being disowned by my family and being sectioned.
  4. miserablecow

    Anti-psychotic medication

    Has anyone taken anti-psychotic medication? How was it for you? I take it due to suffering from psychosis.
  5. miserablecow

    KIK Messanger?

    Was wondering if any of you have KIK messanger, who wouldn't mind chatting.
  6. miserablecow

    Just a hello and hope everyone is ok

    Just a hello and hope everyone is ok :)
  7. miserablecow

    Has anyone taken olanzapine?

    I've been taking olanzapine for 3 weeks, after going to the A and E and being told I'm experiencing an acute-psychotic episode. For me I found that inside I am very high (like I'm on drugs), but my body isn't able to respond to it. I was wondering if anyone else has taken it or other...
  8. miserablecow

    the mini chat thing

    The mini chat thing seems to have disappeared...How can I fix the problem?
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  10. miserablecow

    how do you cope with suicidal thougts?

    Lately I've been struggling to cope with my suicial thoughts and have nearly acted upon them. How do you cope with suicidal thoughts?
  11. miserablecow

    Woooooooah wooohooooo lalalalala

    I'm feeling so hyper and so many ideas in my head, my head feels like it's going to explode. Can't stop fidgeting and shouting words and phrases that are in my head. I'm trying to calm myself down. (I rarely drink coffee.)
  12. miserablecow

    finding inspiration

    As a creative person, I am often looking to be inspired, to draw or make something. I often go to galleries, museums, look at books, architecture etc. What do you do to be inspired? (not just creative stuff like writing or art, bit other things too)
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    I love snow! (Minus the snow becoming ice) It's currently snowing around the UK. Hope it sets in London, so I can make a snow man.
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  15. miserablecow

    Anyone up for chatting on MSN?

    Is anyone up for chatting on MSN or Skype? just post your addresses here
  16. miserablecow


    I finally decided, that taking medication to help me. I was given citalopram (10 mg, to start with). Now I am reluctant to take it. Has or is anyone taking citalopram, can you tell me your experiences with taking it? (apoligies for any spelling/grammar mistakes)
  17. miserablecow

    After talking to my GP

    After years of denying that I may have depression, I finally talked to my GP about it. I felt very uncomfortable about talking about this subject, but I pushed myself to talk about it, as I had put it off for far too long. I was asked the usual questions and was asked to fill in the short...
  18. miserablecow

    Hello from London!

    Hi! Just recently discovered this site after searching on information on how to make friends when being shy. As a child I have been suffering from social anxiety. I would always be angery at myself for not being able to communicate with others like 'normal' people. Being forced by my parents...