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  1. WishingICould

    Is this all in my head?

    One of my (many) issues is when i'm speaking to someone, particularly at work, i feel like they're looking at me strangely like there's something wrong with me. Even if they haven't said or done anything in particular it just "feels" like they're looking at me strangely or that they dislike me.
  2. WishingICould

    How do people make big groups of friends?

    For example, when you see on Facebook, profile pictures of girls with about 10 friends or at a party or whatever. I've also heard people saying "oh, we're only inviting 80-100 people to our wedding". ONLY?! How the f does anyone know that many people? I feel like such a freak/alien. It's like...
  3. WishingICould

    Is anyone else self conscious when walking down the street?

    I've always had this problem but it's gotten worse recently. I feel like there's a spotlight on me when i'm outside alone and i feel really self conscious. I'd like to be able to enjoy the nice weather but i hate it because there's people everywhere now. I also hate it if people i know say "i...
  4. WishingICould

    Does anyone else find this whole "brony" (my little pony) thing, weird?

    Like, grown men liking My Little Pony? Wtf is that about? I find it really creepy. :eek:
  5. WishingICould

    Anxiety is getting worse.

    The anxiety i suffer from has gotten worse over the past week or so. I've noticed that watching the news and things like that make it worse so i try to avoid it but obviously you can't avoid it completely. Well, when i saw the Boston bombings on the news i completely freaked out. Now they're...
  6. WishingICould

    Do you ever feel like people take an instant dislike to you?

    I really try my best to make friends with people or at least get to know them a bit but something i'm doing is obviously putting them off. At least, i think so. I don't know whether it's the SA or if people actually do dislike me. I feel incredibly lonely a lot and tearful when i think about...
  7. WishingICould

    I worry about EVERYTHING

    I worry about things that haven't even happened yet. I worry about things that MIGHT happen. Constantly. Literally every, single, day. If i hear about someone dying on the news i automatically panic in-case it's somebody i know and until i know otherwise i'm highly anxious. I'm either going...
  8. WishingICould

    Why can't i just be more positive?

    Seriously, there are people that are worse off than me and they're always laughing and smiling so why can't i just snap out of it and be fricking happy?
  9. WishingICould

    Do you like Valentines day?

    I personally can't stand it. Even if I didn't have SA I'd still hate it. I find it too commercial plus if you loved someone you'd make an effort all year round not just because it's Valentine's day, Christmas etc
  10. WishingICould

    Is it too late to make new friends?

    I'm nearly 26 and only have one girl i would call a proper friend. Do you think it's too late for me to go out there and meet more people/friends? Most people my age have good friends already.
  11. WishingICould

    Anxious when walking outside alone?

    I know it's not agoraphobia because when i'm with someone i'm fine. When i'm on my own though i feel extremely self concious, like there's a spotlight on me and everyone's looking at me. I've got to walk my dog soon and i'm dreading it. I hate it when a group of people walk towards me...
  12. WishingICould

    Has anyone else watched this video?

    Someone on the forum posted it and it made me feel ashamed at how self pitying i can be sometimes. This guy is just amazing. LOOK AT YOURSELF AFTER WATCHING THIS - YouTube
  13. WishingICould

    Can i have some words of encouragement?

    A girl i used to work with text me today and asked if i wanted to meet up. We're going out next week and i'm really nervous. My social anxiety is probably the worst it's been for a long time but i can't let her down again. I've made excuses and cancelled so many times that we ended up falling...
  14. WishingICould

    Do you ever find this site a bit draining?

    Sometimes i feel like i don't know what to say to people when they ask me for advice or that i'm not being very helpful. It's also hard seeing other people feeling so upset or alone. Also, when people have made negative comments or said something nasty it's stayed with me and i think about it...
  15. WishingICould

    Everything and everyone is getting on my nerves.

    For the past few weeks i've been feeling like a pressure cooker about to explode. I just can't stand anyone being around me or talking about stupid problems at work. Even my mum is getting on my nerves. I don't know if it's depression or i'm just have a bad week/month but it's getting more and...
  16. WishingICould

    Why is this bothering me so much?

    Another girl at work was wearing the same hoodie as me today. When she saw me she said "this is so embarrassing". I honestly didn't know what she was going on about so i asked her and she said "we're wearing the same top". I was like "how is that embarrassing?" and she just smiled and laughed. I...
  17. WishingICould

    Why can't women stand wearing the same clothes

    ................................. Deleted :)
  18. WishingICould

    Just want to say thank you.

    This site has really helped me and i just want to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to PM, chat and post on my threads. It means a lot to me. :blushing:
  19. WishingICould

    I think my SA might be getting worse.

    Lately i've been feeling more tearful and lonely. Nothing has changed really so i don't know why i feel worse. Now, when i come on here i don't really chat to people unless they talk to me first or PM people because i feel like they'll think i'm annoying or desperate. I hate feeling like this. :sad:
  20. WishingICould

    How do people with SA get married?

    When i hear someone who's married say they have SA i find it hard to believe that they have it. There is NO WAY that i could stand up in front of loads of people and say vows, dance etc I know SA is different for everyone but it just makes me wonder. I also see people with profile pictures and...