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    I'm sorry. I've made a big mistake making this thread. I realise it can be too triggering/depressing for some members.

    Yes, many times thinking about many similar things. About ... what would be different if id lived with my real father, or even when we all moved together abroad and i didnt stay in this land. Many times i recalled memories ...what happened in my childhood and changed my direction.... like f.e. i...
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    Fear of age, time speeding up

    Hi. I know there are mostly young people here, but maybe is someone else scared of growing, of the number his last birthday... I feel like there is only just about 10 years to live. After ten years I'll be old man ... no matter what the other ppl say about the best years, the man in the best...
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    CHAT room still working

    If you're not able to find the Chat room, switch to desktop version (on your mobile) and roll down and switch to "Old look". Chatbox is still there... (why it is not in new version???)
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    Anyone else scared of pregnancy?

    Usualy everybody wants to have children. Even if they say that they want them, it always means only, that they want them later. One day... It's like nobody's thinking about it. So they fall in love and have sex... Ppl have sex all the time. I just wonder why i didn't realize it when I was...
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    Wasted life

    Usualy, when something is going wrong, we expect, that it will change later. Looking in the mirror we expect, that once there will be somebody else instead of this present picture. We're waiting for the mirace... But suddenly we can see the train is definitely gone... When did you find out you...