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  1. voodoochild16

    Could you cope with ED for the rest of your life on meds?

    Hi all, I just wanted to ask this question about anyone taking medication right now and are experiencing ED. Could you live with it for the rest of your life if it meant a better life, minus that side effect?. Thanks in advance for all your feedback.
  2. voodoochild16

    "He used to be a good guy"

    I don't know if very many people overheard friends or people that know you say this behind your back, but I heard it once. I was running in gym class and quietly moved up on some guys in my class and of course.. yea. Then it's like "oh!, sorry we didn't know you were behind us". Did you...
  3. voodoochild16

    What has greatly motivated you in the past? choose

    Hey all, For those of you who were able to greatly motivate themselves to achieve nearly impossible things that you could never imagine, answer the poll to create a nice graph so we can all see what has motivated everyone in the past. For me, it's wasted time that has motivated me, and the...
  4. voodoochild16

    Does anyone here work as a Field Technician?, is it ok for SA?

    Hey all, I'm thinking of what kind of job I should go for. I looked at trucking, baking, technical support professional, and all of them have annoying job responsibilities, and I just thought of a "Field Technician" today while driving, and thought it might be alright for me. A "Field...
  5. voodoochild16

    Social anxiety and weight (low self worth)

    Has anyone here put off their losing weight goals for too long?. For 9 years, I have been overweight and it has made me feel so low of myself that I just dont feel like being social at all. Nothing has been able to change my mind of this, and no therapists know wtf I'm talking about. But any...
  6. voodoochild16

    Do you guys remember when you were all outgoing?

    Hey all, so I know that some of you out there reading this have either a history of being outgoing before you got SA, or you just grew up with SA from the very beginning. But for someone like me, I was outgoing until I was the age of 15. After that, and a tramautic experience, I developed SA...
  7. voodoochild16

    Fear of jogging in specific areas

    Hey all, I know that many people here like to go for a job once in awhile. So, basically I've been thinking about what goes on in my head. The thing that I think is "someone will see me jogging" which isn't what I like, because I fear being judged, I fear them saying "oh I saw you running the...
  8. voodoochild16

    I'm stuck in my job

    Hey all, So please forgive me for sounding like I'm a deadbeat but, I am stuck in my current job. To advance, I would have to go to school for 1 month at a time for 3 months. That means going to the big city, and of course I would be staying with my dad, but leaving my apartment, and it's just...
  9. voodoochild16

    Motivation with school

    Hey everyone. Just wondering if any of you were able to motivate yourselves during college to keep working on assignments after school despite being completely lonely, depressed, and with no life contact in those times that you were by yourself in your dorm room or living with your parents?.
  10. voodoochild16

    Living in a small town with SA your whole life (up to your mid 20's)

    Hey all, I've made a poll, which asks questions of what you would do if you lived in a small town up until your mid 20's, while going through SA.
  11. voodoochild16

    Anyone here work as a Medic?

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone here has ever worked as a Medic?. Is it a good SA job or is it something I should steer away from?. A friend of mine (who doesnt have SA), took the medical transcription course and became a medic, up north, and all he did was cruise around in an ambulance and...
  12. voodoochild16

    What to do when your stuck in life.

    I know a lot of people these days that go through social anxiety can get stuck in their lives. I am in that position right now. I created a poll just to get a good idea of how many people really are stuck like me. To get past the point of being stuck, it would probably take motivation that...
  13. voodoochild16

    What is your level of depression from a scale of 1 to 10?

    Hey all, I remember being asked this at a session I had with someone. What is your level of depression on a scale of 1 to 10?. For me, it would be a 8 or 8.5.
  14. voodoochild16

    Does your weight affect your self worth and how social you are around people?

    Hey all, I am just wondering if anyone here that feels that they are obese, and have people tell you all the time that you look fine, but deep inside you still feel like you are overweight and that you dont feel like being social because of it?. Anyone skinny that is reading this, won't get...
  15. voodoochild16

    Looking for article about someone who overcame their social anxiety

    Hey all, I know this might sound like a weird question, but I am going to ask it because I am looking for the article. Let me explain. I found an article a long time ago while searching on Google and it was about a guy who lived in a bigger city and had social anxiety. His mother was moving...
  16. voodoochild16

    Has Depression/Loneliness Prevented You From......

    Hey all, just wondering if depression and loneliness has prevented you from getting through life. I made a poll, sorry if it doesn't have all the best options.
  17. voodoochild16

    IT Help Desk Jobs

    Hey all, I am curious about this kind of job. Of course it's not for everyone, especially for those going through SA, but basically if you can get used to it, it could be a great job. I am just curious, and this is the main reason I started this thread, is if anyone that's already been working...
  18. voodoochild16

    Getting trained on the job & communication skills

    Hey all, So I had bad communication skills with getting trained for certain jobs in the past, but I was capable of finding work where I could basically work with bosses that were willing to teach me certain things despite that difficulty. It did improve later on, it was simply a process of...
  19. voodoochild16

    How do you guys accomplish goals in life?

    Hey all, please read this carefully. Basically I am asking how you guys accomplish goals on certain kind of basis. Either full on, focused on one thing, then the next thing, or multiple things at a time?. Basically, I am an apprentice taking on a trade. And I can either focus on my trade for...
  20. voodoochild16

    Lose weight or accept myself

    Hey all, So for 9 years I've suffered from SP, and so here I am on this forum. Anyways that whole 9 years I've been someone overweight, but some people say I look fine. But I have had people say I do look a bit chubby. If I was to lose 30 lbs I think I would no longer feel like I have a low self...