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  1. Anonymous

    Delete pics

    Can a moderator delete my pics please? I had my account deleted but the webmaster didn't delete my pics after asking twice :evil: My user name was Shy_Violet. Thanks.
  2. Anonymous

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  3. Anonymous

    Do I have OCD? (Sorry, there must be alot of these)

    Hi all, i dont want a diagnosis, because i realise that would probably be impossible with out meeting me. I've always known that im weird lol, but recently i've started to want a reason for it, so did some research on the net, and came across OCD. Up till when i read about it, I'd always...
  4. Anonymous

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  5. Anonymous

    A relief to know that I’m not alone

    I recently stumbled across this forum and all of the problems that I struggle with every day so many of you seem to have too. It’s quite a relief to know that I’m not alone and that it is a recognised condition with treatments. I have always tried to just get by each day but there seem quite a...
  6. Anonymous

    Am i mental or is this OCD

    Please help me. from about a year ago when i saw a program on television, ever since then i have had a fear that i would hurt someone, i cant go near knvies because im scared i loose control and hurt someone, i dont go near anything like that! i sound like a nut case but seriously, im not. ive...
  7. Anonymous


    Right, pay attention, this is quite complicated..... BASICALLY, I'm taking 5 A-Levels in school (A-levels are subjects one takes in the last 2 years, for those who don't know. Most people take 3), and I decided to make a 'fresh start' last Monday, and be all studious and stuff. THEN, i was lying...
  8. Anonymous

    Phobia O.C.D. how to cure

    This article is abstracted from a chinese psychology consultation.Excuse my translation.My MSN:[email protected] Hope to share it with you. (the following is a sept.edition of a siery treatment for reference.i will put up one every month.) On the Essence of O.C.D. by Mr. Heixi 1 What is...
  9. Anonymous

    First discovering you have OCD

    Hi am chris, I have just found out that have OCD am i am getting all depressed about it and was wonderong if anyone else felt like this when they first discovered it. Thanks
  10. Anonymous


    Yea, that’s what I’m talking about. I wish I could do something to fight back for once instead of hiding. I'm thinking that if I play along with it I can hopefully piss them off: wink: ; That’s if I don’t panic though. Thankfully I’m not in danger of any physical danger because security is so...
  11. Anonymous

    Weird case of bullying

    Well it’s nothing horrible, but this is really beginning to get to my head. Of course I don’t talk much and every now and then these 2 “popular kills” start a conversation with me. The first time it might have been sincere, I’m not sure. Whenever they start talking I get extremely nervous, then...
  12. Anonymous

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  13. Anonymous

    effexor? help me please

    I am starting effexor for the first time ever and I am nervous about taking this. Has anyone used it, what hints or side effects can you tell me about please? thank you
  14. Anonymous

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  15. Anonymous

    What do you think about websites like

    They do have a forum to talk and vent, but is it healthy? They say they will have a lot of resources to cope. What do you all think?
  16. Anonymous

    I just read about Avoidant Personality Disorder

    And though I may not be qualified to diagnose myself I identified so much that it brought me to tears. This is something that never occured before when I was reading about Social Anxiety. Though I do identify wiht SA it wasn't to the extent that I identify with AvPD. Usually when I'm...
  17. Anonymous

    Shy in Cali

    Hi, I was a bit hesitant bout posting here, but I thought it would help a bit to express myself. Well anyways, I've always been shy even as a little child. I've tried to shake it off my whole life. It doesn't matter what I have. Good looks, a beautiful gf, a nice job, a cool car... That...
  18. Anonymous

    Lost myself somewhere along the line!

    I have always been a shy person around people I don't know but at school I was absolutly nuts and was the class clown and every1 new me for being the crazy kid who would do anything for a laugh. After leaving school at 18 I began 2 smoke ALOT of weed and this was a really bad time in my life...
  19. Anonymous

    why love narciscistic people?

    why do we love narciscistic people? shouldn't it be logical to not have anything to do with them?? The why........? :(
  20. Anonymous

    Wow, Sometimes its hard.

    Alright here is what happend to me when I came out of the closet or so to speak a year ago: I came out to one of my friends well they were my friend before this happend. I told her she said it was fine then when I came to school I sat at the table I awalys sit at and my friends at the time were...