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    this poem is dedicated to anyone or anything in your life that makes you forget about your problems and reminds you that life is worth living Comforter Stress chokes the air I breathe Your breeze gives me second wind I inhale your sweet ozone deeply And exhale as you help me...
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    Dealing with Social Anxiety
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    How do you deal with break ups while having SP/SA?

    My gf and i had to part ways the day before yesterday and im wondering how long before i meet another girl. i feel good that im single again but SA has always been my achilles heel as far as taking my dating status to the next level. since i was 18 (22 now) ive had 6 gfs but i feel i can get...
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    harder and harder moving to the next level

    my battle with social anxiety is going on about 7 years now. i've been able to make considerable progress. however, going up to strangers and making friends is something that is alot harder to conquer than i care to admit. it really sucks looking at my friends going to clubs, having social lives...
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    Any xbox players? :)

    i just recently got an xbox 360 and set up my xbox live and yeah, needless to say its sooooooo much fun. im playing call of duty and madden. anybody got any favorite games?
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    Are We Ready for the Next Life?

    Sometimes we put so much emphasis on this life that we forget about whats on the other side. Since some of you have been asking me if I'd do another video so i decided, why not? haha I was so tired when i made it, that the first 2 minutes looks like im high haha anywho, what do you guys think...
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    Social Phobia and Relationships? How do you cope?

    This was an idea i had a while back. Instead of writing a loooooooooong blog, i got my webcam out and did it that way. This video was about dealing with relationships and having social phobia, social anxiety, etc. and how does your partners deal with it? The video was origianally intended for...
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    Martial Arts has helped my Anxiety TREMENDOUSLY

    this was my first 7 minutes match with my friend Jason and he's a black belt. i started one year ago and my anxiety isn't NEARLY as bad as it use to be. i'm more confident and i feel invincible when im in the ring. I'm the guy in the red sparring shoes.
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    It Never Ends, Does It?

    So, a friend of mine is going back to college and i think about how social this person is and it makes me so jealous in a way. As most of you know, I have social phobia and i thought for sure it wasgetting betterand how wrong i was. I've tried exposure therapy and its showing little to know...
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    Nick's Daily Question:Art or Not Art???

    Some of you know me very well and you probably already know that something I'm very picky about is music. I was talking to a friend of mine that I've fallen away from hip-hop because its lost its artistic value. Don't believe me? Ok, think about this, a very interesting short story you should...
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    Your given 3 wishes, what to wish for?

    Your given 3 wishes, what to wish for? choose wisely......
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    How to be a better conversationalist??????

    hi im nick. havent posted on here lately. anyways, the title really says it all. i now that my lack of socializing as a kid has a big role in it but now that i wanna talk, i get weird looks like im from another planet. how can i be a better conversationalist cuz i do have a lot to say and alot...
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    I did it!!!

    yesterday i told you guys about the girl in my apartment. So i went over today and asked her if I could take her out and she said sure! I got her number! thanks guys for your support and advice! Feels great to get over my anxiety and do that!
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    A girl keeps coming to my apartment. Does she like me?

    Ok, so a week or two ago, a girl who lives two doors down from me at my apartment complex, came to my door and asked me to open a jar for her. I did and thought nothing of it. Two days later she came back and brought me some donuts. She "claimed" she had extra and just brought them to me. Last...
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    What steps are you taking towards curing your S.A.

    Obviously everyone here joined in order to share ideas on how to cure S.A. But I'm curious as to what other methods you guys are taking toward getting rid of social phobia?
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    Can you remeber when you first realized you had S.A.D.

    I often wonder to myself, "How in the world I ended up with disorder? Was it something I did or didnt do?" I've come to the conclusion, a combination of not getting out enough as kid and being raised differently than my peers, resulted in me battling this? So you I ask you guys, when did...
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    Whats your idea of a perfect woman? Keep it clean!!!
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    Music That Sums Up Who You Are

    They say music is the soundtrack to our lives. I know Avenged Sevenfold's song "Unbound" and Disturbed's "Indestructible" sum up how I feel about life: That we are always learning and experiencing new things and NEVER let life get you down. So I was just wondering, what song (or even band...
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    Just Found Out I Suffer from Social Anxiety

    So, about a few months ago, I discovered what Social Anxiety Disorder is. I did my research and discovered what it was. I told my folks, friends and even a school counselor. They seem to think that this is nothing serious. But the truth of the matter is that its affecting my relationships with...
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    New Guy

    Hey how is everyone? My name's Nick and I've had social anxiety disorder for quite some time and I found this website. Looking forward to getting rid of it real soon and meeting some new people in the process. Talk to you soon guys!