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    Don't be ashamed that you're older and still come to

    Yeah. I'm 41 and now I've actually got something to give. Nobody wants it! When I could only get part time work I could tell myself, I'm lonely because I'm a failure. Now I'll just always be lonely no matter what.
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    A Place to Introduce Yourself

    Hi. I was on here years ago. I'm trying not to get depressed or turn into a hermit again. There's kind of a breaking point coming over the next few months. I'll probably give it some 'I need counselling' style posts then leave again.
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    Making human interaction a joy, yay! Suffering is the meaning of life.

    I used to come to this website, many years ago. I messaged back and forth with people and became confident with making conversation again. Good enough to chat to 1-2 strangers at a time, in real life! From this change, I knew I could manipulate my situation. I managed to get a job as a petrol...