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  1. Emma22w

    I think i'm narcisstic.

    I wasn't sure what category this would go in, but anyway i think i'm a narcissist. :( I can't hold a relationship because i'm an attention whore, and i lie. ONLY online though. I talk to guys who are interested in me, and sometimes flirt lightly with them and try to get food, phone minutes, etc...
  2. Emma22w

    Are you a highschool dropout?

    I am. I failed the 9th grade three times due to my anxiety. I regret so much.
  3. Emma22w

    Not feeling mature?

    I just turned 18 on the 26th of October, i sure don't feel like it though. I feel like i'm 10 mentally. I feel so dumb compared to some ppl especially my age. I have been isolated all my life. Staying at home, not interacting with others, not even in school. It sucks.
  4. Emma22w

    I need help.

    Depression and anxiety, (as you may already know), go hand in hand. I've been dealing with both of these psychological illnesses, as well as a bit of hypochondria. It's horrible. I am always sad now, and no matter what i do, i can't lift my spirits up. I worry about every little thing that...
  5. Emma22w

    I NEED to vent..

    I have no one to talk to, no one that really cares/listens to what i have to say. Do yall feel the same way? I feel so depressed all the time, and i feel as if my life is going to be the same monotonous way forever. I'm beautiful, young, and i have so much potential. I shouldnt have quit school...
  6. Emma22w

    I think i have clinical depression.

    so these past few weeks i have been severely depressed, and have been suffering from some panic attacks. Its like i cant be happy no matter what. i know that people are worse off than me, but im so unhappy with myself. i have very low self esteem. I was very overprotected as a child and whatnot...
  7. Emma22w

    Random pics of me.. lol

    Whadaya think? :p
  8. Emma22w

    Did you have trouble sleeping as a child?

    Did anyone stay up in bed during the late hours of the night constantly being afraid of the dark, or things that might be in the dark? For example, i use to sleep with my mother when i was little because of limited space in the house, and i would always want her to put her arm around me so i...
  9. Emma22w

    I don't know who i am.

    I've been feeling so scattered lately... i can't explain it.
  10. Emma22w

    Do i have ADD?

    So it's always been like this with me. If i'm at work or school, like walking around or having something to do with a group, it's like i can't focus. I stare off into space... and its like im in my own world. but if im sitting down im perfectly fine.
  11. Emma22w

    Intimacy problems and SA?

    Okay, so i have come to notice that i have problems being affectionate and intimate. I hate cuddling, and i get very uncomfortable when fooling around and whatnot. What could've caused this?
  12. Emma22w

    Please read and let me know you care. :/

    I'm not even sure if this is the right forum to say all this, but oh well. My apologies. Anyway, does anyone get tired of the same ole routine each day?? I mean, i sleep ALL day, and then wake up and feel better at night for some reason... but the point is, i don't have anything, and i'm only...
  13. Emma22w

    Hey everyone, may i ask a favor?

    I'm feeling really lonely tonight, it's 2:37 a.m., and i really wish i had someone to talk to.. So feel free to message me if you want to talk. :)
  14. Emma22w

    It's like no one cares...

    I always feel so lonely, i have nobody to talk to, or turn to, or to trust. I get mad and frustrated alot.
  15. Emma22w

    Drugs and Alcohol.

    Why does everyone turn to drugs & alcohol to deal with their problems? Don't they realize they are only making it worse and creating MORE obstacles to overcome?? Yeah, you might get that high for a little bit, but then you have a hangover the next morning while drinking, and you are in the same...
  16. Emma22w

    So, what exactly causes SA?

    I just want to know what started mine. Was it tragic events in my lifetime? From when i was little? Maybe i couldn't deal with my emotions correctly since i was a little girl when i went through traumatic events. Idk, i just feel like if i went back and tried to figure out the cause, then i...
  17. Emma22w

    It's time to take charge of our lives!!

    We have got find a way to supress these stupid irrational fears! I have come up with some ideas: We can use logic, or, we can put up a wall of anger. For example, we get mad about having this ****ing problem, and we need to use our anger on our anxiety. We need to get into the mindset of: "Why...
  18. Emma22w

    Can you mix xanax with lexapro and buspar?

    Ok, so i'm 17, and i am currently taking 10mg Lexapro every night, and then 10mg buspirone too. I was just wondering if taking half a blue or orange or white xanax would mix and cause a reaction? I just need something to give me a calming effect, especially if i start working.
  19. Emma22w

    W h y?!!

    I question why i had to be the one with this disorder. It's not fair. Everyone else gets to enjoy life and live it up! But not me!! Dammit. Its so ****in frustrating....
  20. Emma22w

    Do you ever feel like nobody respects you?

    I'm 17, and i live with Social Anxiety. It's pure hell. I had to quit school in October, not JUST because i hated it, but my anxiety was out of control. Anyway, i just feel like nobody has any respect or any consideration for me, i feel like i am just another lonely soul walking the earth. I...