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    Job interview at wal-mart

    Like... Jeez, how does someone with social anxiety even do these things?! I hope I do okay, how was your guys first job interview? Of course this ain't some huge corporate offering or whatever, this is just Wal-Mart, but I'm still a bit nervous.
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    There's been a few threads about this on here before but they usually die pretty fast. Anyone else here into anime or manga? I kind of even wish my college had an anime club, since that's one of the few things I can actually hold a conversation over.
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    Getting over mic shyness?

    Right now I'm really struggling with this. Not because of something like wanting to do videos for Youtube or wanting to voice act, but because of my online friends. The problem happened in my last group of (internet) friends too, except they were less understanding about it and obnoxious (as in...
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    Has anyone ever called you isolated or someone who hates people?

    It didn't sting or anything. But at the same time, I didn't really get where they were coming from until a while later. I've been told that I seem very isolated, and that I isolate myself from people. And I've also been asked why I hate people. Which I really don't. I don't indulge myself in...
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    Posting is glitchy for me...

    I'm not sure if it's just me or just my internet connection. But lately when I try to post something, it takes a while to load, and then displays this Error message And occasionally it will post my post twice :s
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    Problems with friends, insecurity, loneliness, and "violent" shyness

    I think that about sums up my depression in a few words. I'm so paranoid about the few friends I have. I've noticed that I'm not really in a social circle with any of them, and it bugs me. I often wonder if they're just embarassed to know me - or too embarassed to invite me to hang out with...
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    I feel like I scare everyone away

    I'm not sure if this pertains to social anxiety or anything, but I feel like I scare people away. Either strangers, or people who used to be my friend. Maybe it's because I'm lonely or awkward or anxious, but I try my best to keep up a good charisma. Even though that's never exactly worked |:
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    Friends of friends are annoying as hell.

    Usually I'm glad that my friends let me expand my social life a bit, by introducing me to their other friends. But there are some of my friends who just have the most annoying, and immature friends ever. It makes me double take about hanging out, since they're probably going to invite other...
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    What makes you come OUT of your shell?

    There was a thread about what kind of people/topics make people shut down or go back into their shell but... What about the opposite? What makes you more energetic or involved in a person or conversation? For me, I think it's mostly about that person's charisma. There are people who I cannot for...
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    Conversation advice, anyone?

    I've heard the basics, I guess. Try to talk about something that interests them, etc. But how do I prolong a conversation? How do I make it so the whole thing isnt just boring small talk? But at the same time I don't want to be too formal. I mean this with people who I'm trying to become friends...
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    So today two old "friends" showed up...

    At my door, to say hi. Then they left saying they couldnt hang out because they had to hang out with my ex-friend who I hate with a passion. Friends, right? I ask them myself to hang out and then they completely ignore me. They don't even care if I'm lonely. I am the lowest priority of almost...
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    I get these random habits when I'm in public...

    Whenever I'm outside, in public, I really get these random habits in public. The two main ones are putting my hands in my pockets or checking my phone incessantly. But I randomy do other things like today I was scratching my check randomly. Past ones were biting my finger nails, moving my...
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    How did you meet your friends/best friends/mate?

    I've just been meeting people through people :confused: It's hard for me to approach anyone. As in, I met my best friend (and sometime I feel like my only friend) through my ex-friend. How bout you guys? People always say that social clubs, teams, and whatnot are always a great way to meet anyone.
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    Belated introduction

    To be fair I never gave a proper introduction. Even if it has been... Almost.. A year... Ot at least, I feel like I need to do it again. ... I'm Zack. Im a social mess. I am still trying to figure out what my personality is like and who I am. And I like the color blue. All branches of Rock are...
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    I just wanted to fit in.

    Really, and everyone who seems promising always lets me down. I just wanted to fit in, and feel like I'm not defective, and that I'm not.. That bad of a person. I do try my best. But instead everyone I meet rejects me for some reason. And of course I'm left in solitude... What's wrong with me...
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    Basically it's a website that you can DJ your music at, and share it with the rest of the room to listen to. It's lots of fun, and it'd be awesome if you all showed up! You need an invite to log in, or have a friend who is already on turntable. So just add me on Facebook and use your FB sign in...
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    Eden of the East

    Anyone watch the series?
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    What was the last social event you went to?

    Hanging out, dinner, get-togethers, parties, clubs... How'd it go? My last time was... Monday, I think. It was supposed to be me and about 4 other people, but three bailed. So it was just me and my friend. It was chill though. He doesnt goto summer school any more though, so I'm afraid this...
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    Lonely cycle ~ It's impossible to make friends

    Because that would include approaching someone first and introducing yourself and I feel so creepy and desperate whenever I'm doing something like that... Really. Just the thought of going up to a stranger and saying "Hi"... It seems like a good idea, but then when I want to do it I feel like...
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    I dont know what to do about this... So confused. And lost.

    For a while... I've been realizing that one of my very very few true friends is just using me. They don't actually like me. In fact I've found that the only reason I've been talking to them is because I have absolutely noone left. I've tried to convince myself that I actually do like them. But I...