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  1. Something-Vague

    Clenching Jaw Constantly

    Does anyone else constantly clench their jaw due to anxiety? I do, and it leads to pretty bad headaches and face pain. Then, I constantly get anxious over the fact that I might be clenching my jaw due to anxiety -.- Any suggestions to just not or at least do so less? Or anyone who experience...
  2. Something-Vague

    "Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth."

    I have liked Alan Watts for years. but I was excited to find his lectures on Youtube. They calm me, enlighten me, and make me feel less alone. Maybe some of you would be interested?
  3. Something-Vague

    Rest in Peace, David Bowie

    ....... <3
  4. Something-Vague

    Christmas Music Connoisseur

    Anyone else a Christmas music connoisseur? Post your favorites down below. I'll start with one of mine: Favorite compilation album is mentioned first here:
  5. Something-Vague

    Where did your love of music come from?

    Music is a huge interest of mine. I've been listening to it ever since i can remember. It intrigues me the numerous genres out there and how people come to discover such music. My question is: where did your love of music come from? And where do you discover new music? My love of (good) music...
  6. Something-Vague

    Stay a while, my inner child. Are there any important aspects of yourself as a child that you still retain or wish that you did? What would you do if you felt more hopeful?
  7. Something-Vague

    G[r]asp - a poem about social anxiety

    So, I thought I'd write a poem about my personal experiences with social anxiety. Here goes: Waves of people waltz along the sidewalk. To many, think nothing of it To me, think: too many and I want none of it. Think intimidation think discrimination, think violation, think celebration of...
  8. Something-Vague

    Anxiety around Perceived mental AND physical threat

    From my understanding, social anxiety is based mostly upon fearing social situations and people due to perceived or actual judgment, embarrassment, and thus is largely about how people might seem mentally harmful or actually are. I struggle with and have been diagnosed with social anxiety, but I...
  9. Something-Vague

    R.I.P. Lou Reed

    Lou Reed, Velvet Underground Leader and Rock Pioneer, Dead at 71 | Music News | Rolling Stone :crying:
  10. Something-Vague

    Introduction from a new member

    Hey everyone. I generally don’t know what to say or don’t say much of anything in most sites with forums, but I am hoping to find some encouragement in talking to other individuals in here that are also dealing with social phobia, as well as provide any insight and support that I can of my own...