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  1. Livemylife

    How do I stop obsessing over and hating staring?

    I see that most of the posts here are still about getting a girlfriend, but I'm going to ask something different. Does anyone have any tips or advice for therapies/tricks I can use to tolerate staring? I really, really, REALLY hate being stared at. Please don't just say "everyone hates being...
  2. Livemylife

    Is it harder for girls to go unnoticed?

    I think so. I think men lust after women so they will always notice women. And women also look at other women to compare their looks, clothes, etc. So in the end it's impossible for a girl like me to go unnoticed, no matter what I do. This is my theory. What are your thoughts on this?
  3. Livemylife

    I hate being in public

    I hate being in public because I can't stand the mingling among strangers. If I knew that I could just go from point A to point B unnoticed, I wouldn't mind being in public. But that's not possible. A couple times a week I'll stop by a fast food place, Starbucks, etc to grab something to eat. I...
  4. Livemylife

    How to not notice people staring?

    I accept that people will always stare. But is there a way I can never notice it again? Do people without social phobia notice it, and just like it? I think it is animal instinct to notice if someone is blatantly staring at you. Your brain, and most animals, thinks "Oh no, is that a predator?"...
  5. Livemylife

    Are you comfortable driving?

    By comfortable, I mean does driving make you socially anxious in any way? I ride the bus because I don't drive (there are a few reasons for this). Everything about riding the bus makes me socially anxious including waiting at the bus stop, boarding the bus, and sitting on the bus. I wonder if...
  6. Livemylife

    So it's just ok to bump into people?

    This is so bizarre to me because I'm supposed to be the socially inept one. But apparently, it is OK to bump into people or step on their feet and not say sorry. I once had a guy on the bus bump into me with his backpack, I pushed him forward, he turned around and stared me down like he wanted...
  7. Livemylife

    Did this ever happen to you? Overhearing people talk about you?

    Looking back on my life, this is a common occurrence.:thinking: People who were nearby, definitely within my earshot, would stare at me and make (negative) comments. I assume they were staring since they would comment on my appearance. I can remember this back to at least 6th grade. I would be...
  8. Livemylife

    Anyone else give up on people?

    People have done nothing but add misery to my life. There are a couple of musicians, comedians, etc who have given me entertainment, but individuals I meet simply depress me. I already get little joy from basic social interactions, and the things people say/do/think shock and repulse me. I am a...
  9. Livemylife

    Shy, perhaps lonely, guys seem to like me

    This situation has happened to me twice. I'll be in a lab for school (labs are where you work at group tables to conduct experiments for a grade) and the quiet guy who sits directly next to me will start liking me. This happened first in physics lab, then the following semester in o chem lab...
  10. Livemylife

    I didn't do anything for a month

    Winter break started December 14th. I didn't do anything and now school (university) starts Monday. I didn't work. I didn't see family (mine sucks) or see anyone on the holidays. I didn't pick up a new hobby like I was supposed to. I really just surfed the web for a month. I started watching...
  11. Livemylife

    Were you in any clubs in high school?

    I didn't do anything in high school, literally. I'm trying to figure out 1) how abnormal this is (abnormal or SUPER abnormal) and 2)if this is a trend among people with social phobia.
  12. Livemylife

    Lied about having friends

    I stopped by the university cafe to eat a quick lunch right before class. Before I even take a bite of my food, some guy approaches me and asks if I can help him with a survey. For a moment, I thought to say "Um I'm eating lunch here," but instead I said I'd help. He asked generic questions like...
  13. Livemylife

    Trying to figure out why complete strangers have such an impact on me

    Hello all, So I'm always terrified of what complete strangers might say or do to me. This includes people in class, people on a bus ride, people I pass on the sidewalk, etc. I'm very sensitive to their actions. A frown from a random guy can heighten my already high anxiety. My theory is that...