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    I'm so lost it doesn't feel real

    I wasn't saying I was hallucinating, that's seeing things that arent there. I was describing a kind of dissaccociation feeling about reality when things are that bad that it feels like I am not in control of my own life, like a passer-by just viewing it unfold but not being able to do a thing...
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    Finally I've asked for help

    well done on taking action in doing something about it. I'm a little older then you and have just decided to do the same thing after having realised something needs to change, i cant keep living like this, i need to see a psychiatrist and instigate that change. I have just been accepting of my...
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    I'm so lost it doesn't feel real

    bit of a strange question? why did you ask that?
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    I'm so lost it doesn't feel real

    I have a feeling of being so lost, so hopeless that reality itself doesn’t feel real anymore. Like its just some cruel illusion, with just the fading memories of a happier time occasionally teasing the psyche just enough to leave me desperately grasping at an ever diminishing and seemingly...
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    Self Sabotaging Job Opportunities.

    hey thanks for your kind words of support. Yes I would also encourage anyone to take on an opportunity to see how it plays out first, rather than dismiss an idea based on premiss alone. I was in the fortunate position to be able wait until the ideal opportunity arises but the trouble is I don't...
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    Self Sabotaging Job Opportunities.

    sorry to hear that, hope you're having a better day today...i'm feeling a little bit better today myself by being able to forgive myself and deal with my regret a little more. Also realising I was under pressure to make a choice prematurely, helped me come to terms with my decision today.
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    Self Sabotaging Job Opportunities.

    Hello self loating locked in for today…Has anyone else purposely turned down a job they were offered due to the fear of their anxiety getting the better of them? Sure, I had the “rational” reasons as to why I turned down the offer….it would be unfair to expect my 70yo parents to take my 5yo...
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    Its a jungle out there!

    I guess this question is sort of directed at the guys in the forum, but do you feel that the dating scene is so competitive between single guys all looking for dates its almost not even worth trying if you are a guy? To me its feels like even the most shy, unassuming girls, with boring...
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    Help! can't dream anymore??

    Recently i've noticed I havn't had a dream in a looong time. :sad: I've been on SSRI's for anxiety and depression for 20 plus years, but for the past for the past 4 months or so have given them up entirely. I was really proud of myself for achieving this but have only just realised I havn't...
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    The Loss of ambition

    It seems the years of failures and rejections have robbed me of the desire to change anything in my life anymore. There seems a certain security and comfort in routine, but with the much regretable flip side of remaining stagnant in life with nothing much changing. I’m feeling more and more...
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    Help!! panic attack in court!!

    Ok so first let me just get off my chest what I did wrong in the hope that you'll all wont think i' m some monster, maybe you will anyway. I sent an abusive text to an ex gf..that's it, and I'm not proud of it...but I had to go to court today for this, and well I tired to but had a major panic...
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    How do you deal with pressure from your boss?

    Hey guys just wondering how many of you feel the pressure by your boss at times? For me I feel this when he calls up and ask me to do an extra shift. The thing is 8/10 times I will agree to do the extra shift to cover someone, and I believe that still makes me a decent employee. But when I...
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    mood boosters, anyone?

    hey guys I'm after some trying to cut down on meds for depression and anxiety and would like to know some of your methods for lifting your mood during the day, without the use of narcotics or anything illegal mmmk? what gets you going? what turns a boring, joyless and...
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    whats your status? with poll

    With a quick poll I just wanted to see what ratios of single male compared to single females are on the forum. I won't go into any theories as to why the results may skew to one side, if in fact they do, as it has been discussed many times in various threads...I just wanted to see if I could get...
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    all in the genes?

    So, you've tried out more then a few attempts at gaining a sustainable long term relationship over the years, but it has always, for one reason or another, ended up in failure? .....have you ever suspected then, that its because of gods'/the universe/the life spirits' cruel way of making sure...
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    waging a war against myself

    Does anyone else feel this way? I keep getting these mind wants to self keeps telling me to kill myself. I have no intention of doing so...I keep having to fight these urges. Its not easy when your own mind keeps telling you to do it. I'm too weak to do it anyway so I...
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    chatbox down?

    the chatbox appears to be down??... I am having withdrawal already
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    Do you crave social intereaction?

    even though its a sevre trigger for my anxiety, i find myself longing for it at times, its such a cruel paradox. what i would give for a few close friends to knock about with on the odd occasion..web interactions just dont fullfill this. even just to feel a sense of belonging have...
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    do you rely on hobbies to get life fullfillment?

    For me i do as i don't get any satisfaction from relationships, career, family, friends etc ..but then i often wonder if my life would be happier without these hobbies as they often require money which i have trouble obtaining due to SA which sometimes makes them more frustating then rewarding...