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  1. rosewood

    sex trafficking = prostitution

    I just came back from a seminar on sex trafficking. I have read some posts about people who think because they have SA it is a good idea to hire someone for sex, please take some time to reconsider your position…. it is called prostitution the way most girls and boys come into the...
  2. rosewood

    Does video chatting help decrease SA?

    Does it decrease SA over repeated exposure? Anyone know? Anyone tried it? :question:
  3. rosewood

    C'Mon on over here and friend me, yes, YOU

    Hello Quiet Ones: i am warm, supportive, friendly, and a good listener. :bigsmile: what more could you ask for?!? (ok, maybe lots, but its a good start, right...?) C'Mon...Friend Me! :giggle: ps i've been told the avatar/name is confusing- ehem, i am hetero female.