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  1. williamreinsch

    Transcendental meditation

    I've recently given this meditation a try because i've heard it can help reduce anxiety. I was wondering if anyone has tried this out and if it helped in anyway? :)
  2. williamreinsch

    Should I intervene?

    I have to keep it impersonal in case anyone I know reads this. I have someone in my life who won't let something go and is causing grief to everyone around them as a result. The actual problem is trivial and was over a week ago, it's something you forget about it. This person has dragged it on...
  3. williamreinsch

    Post what you cannot say

    You're lost in a loop.
  4. williamreinsch

    Post what you cannot say

    I know this feeling exactly! I felt completely overwhelmed by too much information clouding my vision and someone trying to tell me how it all is (trying to help but making it worse and more complicated). I had to really push hard to make the person understand they need to stop. Just be there...
  5. williamreinsch

    What methods are helping you with SA?

    Not sure if i've posted anything similar before, been awhile since coming on here. Just wanted to know what methods people have been using and what's been working or not? The last couple of years i've really gone on my own individual journey trying to solve it. Seems to be benefiting me far...
  6. williamreinsch

    Post what you cannot say

    great idea for a thread! I dont have anything to say but I sure did in the past! Really annoying how hard it can be to let out your true feelings
  7. williamreinsch

    Your daily routines?

    Hi everyone! :) I would just like to know what your daily routines consist of? Do you get up at a certain time? are your days very structured? are your days all over the place? Do you use any self help techniques? etc I think it would really help to see what area's we may be slacking in and...
  8. williamreinsch

    What techniques are helping you with SA?

    I have experimented with a few different techniques, CBT, mindfulness, EFT etc and for me EFT has worked the best. I really felt more of an improvement quite quickly. :) I would like to know what techniques have worked for you guys the best? and what techniques haven't worked so well? Excited...
  9. williamreinsch

    Overcoming your social anxiety and my story so far..

    I am 20 years old and have suffered with social anxiety since I can remember. A few years ago I became very depressed and sought out therapy which went on for 2 years to try and cure my social anxiety which was bringing on the depression. Since then I had very slight improvements outside and...