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    Really need a friend in Surrey

    Hey guys I'm 21 at the university of surrey. I really feel like I need a friend at the moment I feel really lonely. Is there anyone in the area that might like to catch a movie?
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    1000 rejections Journal

    I have a fear of being rejected when starting conversations with new people especially girls my age. So my plan is to talk to 1000 people and get rejected or ignored by them by starting conversations on stupid topics. Does anyone have any experience with this type of thing? It should take around...
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    This could be causing your depression

    I just went for a blood test and the doctors told me I had an underactive thyroid. This is what has been causing my depression. If you have dry skin, feel lethargic, have difficulty sleeping and gain weight easily then this could be the cause of your problems.
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    Society is Evil

    I was watching a video today which made me think how harmful and damaging society is to our mental health. In our society poor self-esteem and mental health issues are much much more prevalent than in less economically developed societies. Anorexia is often referred to as a disease of the...
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    Why do people with social phobia think negatively of others?

    I too think very negatively of others and I think it's bad because it's an obstacle to progress. Often I see them as loud, insensitive idiots. But what is the real reason we dislike them? Is it because we see them as different?Or is it because we predict they wont like us? Or is it because we...
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    So women don't like nice guys big deal

    Hey guys I know a lot of you get frustrated because women don't like nice guys. And I know how frustrated it can make you feel. But I honestly believe they are made this way and they really can't help it. Us nice guys feel the same way ugly girls feel. Guys are just made not to like ugly girls...
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    Do girls think this guy is sexy?

    A friend of mine and all her friends think David Draiman the lead singer of Disturbed is the sexiest guy in the world. What do girls on here think? And Why?
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    Anyone at University of Surrey?

    Is Anyone at the University of Surrey next year?
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    Girls aren't that great!

    Hey guys I always hear people saying that they wish they had a girlfriend etc. In my experience you really don't need one to be happy. Things like hobbies are just as fun as having a girlfriend. I know that when I was a virgin I thought that it would be amazing to have a gf but it isn't. It's...
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    I'm Pissed!!

    Ive been reading the forum and guys I think every1 is making things way 2 complicated i.e. should we cure SA with NLP, Cognitive, spiritual blah blah blah. NO! EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE ,EXPOSURE. Get it in2 ur heads aaaaargh! Its so annoying there IS NOT an easier way. There's no magic pill. exposure...
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    dating site 4 sp sufferers

    Just looking at the sheer volume of posts on here do you think it would help to have a dating site for SP sufferers? Actually I'm not sure women with sp have a problem finding partners just men. It would be very hard to face sum1 face to face aswell. But let me know what you think.
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    blushing how to get over it

    I was just reading back through some posts and a lot of people have a problem with blushing. I remember back in college we had to go round the class reading a few pages from a book we were studying. I used to go beetroot and my eyes used to water uncontrollably and my hands would shake and I...
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    The beginners plan

    Ok this is what I started doing about one year ago to improve my social phobia. If you stick to this plan for just three months you will see some small but significant changes in yourself. You will get huge improvements from this. As for my experience when I started at level 1 I went to a club...
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    Six reasons why many people with SA have trouble getting over it

    1) They don't stick to a plan of action- this is the number one reason why people with sp will never get better. Either they don't take any action or they take action for a while and then quit because its too painful or because they aren't making progress. Alternatively they are inconsistent...
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    What is the minimum number of times you need to do exposure therapy per week to get results? Only answer if you know.