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  1. Sacrament

    Not only I have a social anxiety, but everything else is wrong with me.

    Proud of you for making that video, dude. You are worth much more than you think.
  2. Sacrament

    Very lonely :(

    What kind of things do you like to do/talk about, etc?
  3. Sacrament

    How to survive a wedding?

    Just try to enjoy it as much as possible. Instead of focusing on how anxious you are, try engaging in conversation with other people, maybe even people who seem to also be anxious/uncomfortable, or simply people who are by themselves. If you focus on them instead of on you and your anxiety...
  4. Sacrament

    I Hate Men.

    As soon as you make a statement that encompasses all of something, you're already on the wrong track. Not all men will treat you the way you've been treated. Seek counseling. It'll be beneficial. And yes, even if the counselor is a male.
  5. Sacrament

    I've created a Discord server for SPW

    I speak for myself but unfortunately I haven't been there much. I hope it's been active!
  6. Sacrament

    Is it possible to be happy alone?

    Human beings are social creatures. You can fool yourself into thinking you can be happy all by yourself, but in truth, you still want to interact with people, to share moments with them. While it is possible to be alone without feeling lonely, you'll always crave companionship.
  7. Sacrament

    Getting your hair cut

    If your wife makes you feel so miserable, you need to get a divorce and live your life your own way.
  8. Sacrament

    Being a good person.

    I don't think people with depression or anxiety disorders are better people. I think they have the ability of being more empathetic than most, maybe, which helps them pay more attention to other people's emotions and thus be able to help them because they know what they're going through. Better...
  9. Sacrament

    Is anyone who has anxiety a good writer?

    I've won several literary competitions and contests all over my country (poetry, that is), so I think I'm fairly decent at it. I don't really think about it that much, I just write whatever needs to be written.
  10. Sacrament

    I am so depressed

    Practice, practice, practice. If you can recognize why something happens, practice something different.
  11. Sacrament

    Post your picture thread

    Lookin' good!
  12. Sacrament


    Women, like men, react to confidence. Do you do anything to counteract the anxiety? Meditation, exercise, a proper diet, etc?
  13. Sacrament

    I am so depressed

    I think both of those things come down to one 'simple' thing: you are too inwardly focused. You are so focused on what you want/should say, and at the same time your social anxiety reveals itself so much during social interactions, that it becomes almost impossible for you to focus on anything...
  14. Sacrament

    I am so depressed

    It's a good thing that you are able to recognize what throws you off. Means you can work on those areas to become better in those situations.
  15. Sacrament

    How do you believe in your self ?

    Taking proper care of yourself in every way helps. This means taking control of what you eat, how you treat your body and mind, how you treat your capabilities, etc. Once you have a grasp on those things, and proper discipline, it's a step closer to believing in yourself the way you should.
  16. Sacrament

    Realizing you're constantly being an asshole to yourself

    Sounds good, I'll give that a shot.
  17. Sacrament

    Realizing you're constantly being an asshole to yourself

    I guess it's a matter of rewiring your own brain and diverting your attention elsewhere (ie, what you're doing in that instance, the music you're listening to on your mp3 player, etc). Sometimes the brain's been so used to doing a certain thing that it's hard to teach it any different.
  18. Sacrament

    Realizing you're constantly being an asshole to yourself

    I have this annoying habit of judging other people on an almost constant basis when I'm around people. It's annoying mostly because I hate it when people do that, but also because I realize that I'm only projecting the negative feelings I have toward myself. Whenever I'm judging other people...
  19. Sacrament

    Getting your hair cut

    I remember back when my anxiety got really bad and I couldn't even get out of the house (when I was about 18). I wouldn't even look in mirrors and I would avoid any reflections as much as I possibly could. One day I tried going to the barbers to get a haircut, and I remember the day being really...
  20. Sacrament

    Have you ever been guilt tripped?

    He sounds like an asshole.