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  1. Moses199

    Great Discovery For Anxiety & Depression

    *If you need clarification, I'll be glad to help. I remember when my anxiety & mood went higher than it's normal bad level for month and i discovered it's because i was thinking too much about these negative feelings by frequently responding harshly to them. I started ignoring the feelings...
  2. Moses199

    Supernatural healing is REAL

    The last 5 month I was crippled with anxiety & depression the most in my life and nearest to killing myself I ever been. Symptoms were torturing me all day, I was super depressed. I thought the devil had overcome me and I was going to die. I had a wide range of therapy techniques and medications...
  3. Moses199

    Almost There

    Motivation: Recovering from anxiety, depression, & drug addiction takes alot of practice (consistency). You literally have to see it as a VERY long term project of consistent PRACTICE and development in ONE relaxation techniques (tools) at a time without quitting too early and switching to...
  4. Moses199

    Everyone has social anxiety

    For the young folks (maybe even older too), those friends your jealous of/or who make fun of you, they have SA too. My brother used to tell me this and i didn't believe him for the longestttt. Everyone has social anxiety. Shyness is social anxiety: fear of talking...If you don't believe me tell...
  5. Moses199

    The way to lower anxiety

    I learned the most in important aspect of reducing social anxiety is PRACTICE. You have to practice the anxiety/depression technique for MANYY months or years. It's like learning a new skill or sport, takes many months or years. When I began I would quit a relaxation technique after few weeks or...
  6. Moses199

    How i overcame my social anxiety

    I had severe conversation social anxiety and got made fun by people that i can't talk to anyone when i was a young. I didn't have any female friends. Simple friendly conversation was terrifying with men or women. What changed everything is exposure. I used to be the biggest critic and hater of...
  7. Moses199

    Why women always rejected me

    The reason why girls keep rejecting you it is spiritual. God is restricting you from women so you can focus on the purpose (work/hobbies) that you were put on this earth for. Also God wants you to heal yourself and focus on your job. Thinking too much about women is causing you to destroy...
  8. Moses199

    More scared of the anxiety than people

    I learn it's just a feeling. After i went to my core beliefs. I have to keep reminding myself the fear (thoughts) arn't true. I'm just getting a feeling dumped on me by my subconcious mind which beleives it's true. I learn programming the subconckous mind takes time and alot of repetatiton of...
  9. Moses199

    More scared of the anxiety than people

    I have been doing some root cause analysis for my SA. I realized that I'm actually more scared of the anxiety than people's reaction to my social anxiety. Why do you think this is the case? I remember reading while back an independent researcher's website claiming emotions are actually...
  10. Moses199

    What are ALL your SA core beliefs?

    Have people said you look suspicious before?
  11. Moses199

    What are ALL your SA core beliefs?

    Do you think it's true that your stupid? I want to know all the things that would show the opposite for you...
  12. Moses199

    What are ALL your SA core beliefs?

    Omg you just gave me another core belief i have which is i think people are better than me! From writting all the great qualities i have it's not true.
  13. Moses199

    What are ALL your SA core beliefs?

    After working on laddering to identify my core beliefs. I learned my SA all boils down to i think i'm low (not good enough) or unworthy basically me not liking myself. This made me realize this isn't true because we are metaphysical and abstract. I wrote down things i like about myself and...
  14. Moses199

    What are ALL your SA core beliefs?

    What are every single SA core beliefs you have? throw them all! you might even find a core belief you didn't know know you have. If you don't know how to find your core beliefs look up "cbt laddering technique" excersise to find your core beliefs. Mine are - people get socially uncomfortable...
  15. Moses199

    What are reason a girl would not want to date a nice stranger?

    What are reasons a girl would not want to date a nice stranger? I'm darkskin black and i get reject alot by outside race women. Not to sound arrogant but I'm considered great looking for my race because alot of girls in my race like me and make moves. However i don't have same response with...
  16. Moses199

    What are the negative effect of recieving money you don't deserve?

    I want to succeed in my business but currently i have an offer for $1K (i don't have to pay them back) because they want to help me. However I don't need it because i can generate the same amount of income from my business so no problem. However it tempting me A LOTTTT. I feel if this offer...
  17. Moses199

    Any Biracials mixed w/black in california?

    Take care my brothers.
  18. Moses199

    Any Biracials mixed w/black in california?

    I'm personally not but there is so many where i'm from almost more than full blks. Just asking i feel lonely out here.
  19. Moses199

    Do you find everything painfully boring?

    Do Adderall it makes things interesting. Let me know how it goes.
  20. Moses199

    Do you find everything painfully boring?

    This called Anedhdonia basically things becoming boring as hell that was once interesting which is sad. I had this problem when i was on Risperdal. Wanted to commuit suicide for how boring everything became such an unappealing feeling. Do adderal it makes things interesting. Let me know how it...