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  1. JosephG

    How long...

    Here's a hypothetical situation: Say I am a person who's just discovered they are suffering from a gluten allergy/sensitivity and I decided to completely cut out all forms of gluten and wheat out of my diet - How long would it take for me to completely feel the positive effects of removing the...
  2. JosephG


    Does anybody here know much about skin rashes? In the past few days I've developed a recurrent skin rash which appears to be hives but I'm not so sure. It results in randomly placed areas of red, blotchy, raised areas of itchy skin. I had an outbreak yesterday which affected several parts of my...
  3. JosephG

    Describing Depression

    At the best of times I often really struggle to explain to people what I'm going through. I often struggle to work out myself what I'm going through - and sometimes all the symptoms and descriptors online just don't seem to match up properly and it can feel like you are going through it alone or...
  4. JosephG

    I never hear of any "medication" success stories

    Well - I certainly hear a lot more about people having negative experiences with medication than they do positive. I just literally watched the film "Prozac Nation" about Elizabeth Wurtzel and her struggles with depression. She had success with Prozac - in the film it says it allowed her to have...
  5. JosephG

    What do you think about when you're alone?

    I feel like an empty canvas these days. I used to be really political and I really cared what went on around me and now I just don't really care. I don't think about much else other than myself and getting over my problems. So I was just wondering - what do you ponder about when you are alone?
  6. JosephG


    I have a meeting with a "Mental Well-being Practitioner" whatever that is. Quite pleased as I have been on the waiting list for quite some time and it feels good that I may finally be getting the ball rolling on getting some help. There's just one thing niggling me about this meeting is that I...
  7. JosephG


    I used to be so literate, articulate and quite well spoken before I had all these troubles. But ever since crippling worry and low mood really hit me hard it's like my brain has become a mush. I am finding it harder and harder to put my thoughts into words and sometimes end up sounding like a...
  8. JosephG

    Article I love

    Charlie Brooker: I'm socially inept, but I joined Facebook anyway | Comment is free | The Guardian just thought i'd share it with you - I'm sure you will all relate to it a little! He's my favourite journalist - almost as cynical as I am ;P
  9. JosephG

    Low energy levels

    I am experiencing really low energy levels of late. I can't get out of bed in the morning no matter how much I want to and I'm getting nothing done even though I have some very important exams coming up. But the thing that is bothering me is the sleeping thing: I just can't get out of bed on...
  10. JosephG

    feeling lonely

    I have friends yes. I also have quite a few acquaintances who appreciate my company. I have a loving and caring family. Yet with all this I feel so alone. I feel as if I can't forge close relationships with these people. And I feel guilty expressing this here - I know so many of you do not have...
  11. JosephG


    Has anybody tried adding this amino acid supplement to their diet? It is a precursor to serotonin and has been shown to alleviate depression and other mental ailments. I am currently looking in to natural ways in which to improve my moods etc. I am still on the waiting list for a clinical...
  12. JosephG

    Been away from here abit

    I feel it is good sometimes to slip away from this site. To forget or try to forget that you have your troubles. I feel it has done me a bit of good - you can become quite obsessive sometimes and it can stop you from working towards your goals I find. Only been away for like a week but that can...
  13. JosephG

    Paranoid about friends sometimes?

    Does anyone find they get paranoid about their friends sometimes? Like you can start to think they don't want to hang around with you any more because you are no fun or are boring them etc when it turns out that that is not the case. Like sometimes I think that my friends are trying not to...
  14. JosephG

    Why me?

    Why any of us? What did we do to deserve this.
  15. JosephG

    Mood Diary

    I am currently on the waiting list for a clinical psychologist and I honestly can't wait to be able to talk to someone and to get the ball rolling on making effort to getting things better or at least more normal. So I have started a mood diary in the mean time taking note of such details as -...
  16. JosephG


    I was wondering whether anyone here could shed any light on this topic for me - especially as I may soon be put on Anti-Depressants. I understand that one of the major forms of anti-depressants is a Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor. I know this involves blocking the re-uptake of...
  17. JosephG

    At times I feel completely absent of "social energy"

    When I'm feeling low or just periodically I can feel like my "social energy" has been completely depleted. Like I'm too lazy and there's not enough energy to even attempt to make conversation, reply to a text etc It's like I become socially lethargic and I also feel physically tired and...
  18. JosephG

    Jus' wanted to share this

    I often am shocked when I find out that Celebrities have had problems with their mental health during their life. I know I shouldn't - I mean they're as human as you or I but you kind of build up this glossy perfect image of celebrities sometimes. I enjoy finding this stuff out because it gives...
  19. JosephG

    Feel like crying for no reason?

    Like today I was just walking to school and I felt like I was going to burst into tears and I was finding it hard to suppress the feeling. I get this a lot when walking out and about sometimes and I don't understand why. It happens more often when I am feeling low but doesn't depend on me...
  20. JosephG

    feel so low

    why can't I get close to people? I find it so hard. I can't build loving and caring relationships with people. All I want is someone to care about and who actually cares about me. If I'm upset they will be my counsel and if I'm happy they will share it with me. It seem the friends I do have are...