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    poll for people

    this is for anyone to answer whether you want to have sex or not. if you do, think about if you didn't and if you'd talk about it or not. i'm a girl and don't tell real life people that i don't want sex (I don't talk about that topic at all, even when someone brings up family/kids that they...
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    poll just for guys

    because i'm curious about people and yall are a good group to get some info from.
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    don't wanna have sex

    Any guys on here that don't wanna have sex ever?
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    Why do some people think blushing is cute/attractive?

    I just looked it up on google and found some stuff on yahoo, but I need more perspective than the few replies I saw on that. I don't see how anyone can think it looks good. I hAte when I blush, and I blush quite alot (it's got alot of triggers, which is probably why it happens so frequently)...