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    If you could travel anywhere in the world...

    If you could travel to 3 places in the world FREE and be guaranteed your safety, which places would you go to? For me I would pick Rural India, Rural China, and the Middle East. I wish it was safe to travel to those places irl though..
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    Anyone else taken Brintellix?

    I just started this medicine and was wondering if anyone has knowledge/experience with it?
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    Do girls with SA not like guys with SA?

    Just wondering cuz i know that girls usually like dominant males and are pickier while guys for the most part don't care if a female is shy or not (it can actually be a turn on) and are for the most part not too picky. Don't deny this is the majority because it definitely is. Anyways, i just...
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    I just want to have a one night stand

    Ok, so maybe i should rephrase myself..i want a relationship where i can have sex. Since that seems literally impossible because of my anxiety i figure the second best thing is a fling. I'm almost 21 years old and still a virgin and i'm horny as hell. Obviously i'd rather have a relationship...
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    Banned from SAS

    So i'm sure many of you know about Well I used to use it a long time ago and then i requested my account to be deleted because i was going thru a stage at the time where i thought if i denied i had SA and fought it i culd get rid of it...(fyi it didn't work)...
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    Conversation tires me...

    Does anyone else get exhausted by having to talk to other people? I feel like i always have to find the perfect words and everything and it just completely kills any sliver of hope in me enjoying communicating with other people. I notice i don't have this problem as severely on here, probably...
  7. Z quitting

    Well today might be the last day i go to college. I've give community college many tries but i swear to god i can't stand it. I hate the required curriculum and how ****ing boring and stupid my classes are and i hate the debilitating anxiety i get everytime i go on the stupid campus. I just...
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    I don't seem to get any notifications on any threads i am active on? Is this normal for this website?
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    I need to vent and have people comfort me.

    I just had to deal with my shitty family being shitty again and i'm stressed out to the boiling point atm. My brother and mom both just went super racist and basically said all black people are morons and well...i wanted to kill them in that moment. Not to mention my mom is a "christian"...
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    Becoming suicidal

    Anyone else scared they might end up killing them self eventually or am i the only one?
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    Correlation between JHS and SA

    Based on the fact that I personally suffer from both and that I have read that these could possibly be interconnected I thought it would be interesting to see how many others on here have Joint Hypermobility Syndrome and Social Anxiety too.