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    Promising Data:TWO New Hyperhidrosis Treatments

    from - DRM04 : topical anticholinergic - THVD-102 : oral oxybutynin & pilocarpine combination Results are IN! Promising Data re. TWO New Hyperhidrosis Treatments - International Hyperhidrosis Society | Official Site
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    4 limbs simultaneously iontophoresis treatment question?

    Is it effective if I put both of my hands in 1 tray and both of my feet in 1 tray? Sometimes I want to shorten the duration of the treatment time.Has anyone tried this? Thanks
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    "cheap" iontophoroesis from India

    Iontophoresis Device - Hyperhidrosis Treatment‎ Yes, I know it's still too expensive compare to Sprawling galvanic stimulator. Also, we don't know the build quality and the safety of this machine. But at least it's one of the cheapest "official" iontophoresis machine out there.
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    Cute iontophoresis?

    I found a new interesting iontophoresis from Czech Republic. It's called Antipe Iontophoresis. It comes with various colors. Here's the link. Antipe Digital Iontophoresis - Antipe I'm not sure whether it's a pulsed or direct current. But it seem it's the pulsed one since they can be applied...
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    Iontophoresis for scalp

    Recently they develop adapter for the scalp. Here's the link. Iontophoresis Electro Antiperspirant Scalp Adapter | eBay Now, probably everybody in here questions about the safety since it's on your head. But as a generalized HH sufferer, someday I might try this. I got a question. At the...
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    Has anyone tried Miradry for compensatory sweating?

    Noob here and excuse my English since it's not my first language. And yes, I have hyperhidrosis. More sadly, it's general hyperhidrosis. :sad: I'm aware that Miradry is FDA approved for underarms area only at least for now. And you have to be a tough son a btch to obtain FDA approved. A member...