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  1. PhobiaTired

    I have no friends

    Social anxiety has affected me in different ways but the worst has to be in being able to make friends. I don't have any friends right now, yea I hang out once in a full moon with a few 'acquaintances' but there is no one I can talk to about good/bad things in my life. I hate it! Since I was...
  2. PhobiaTired

    I self medicated myself with alcohol

    So I dont really like typing that much lol I rather express myself through videos and I made one today about how I used alcohol to self medicate myself so that I wouldn't feel so anxious around ppl and so that my hands would stop sweating all the time :'( Alcohol to self medicate - YouTube
  3. PhobiaTired

    I hate how I look

    I have Body dysmorphic disorder :/ I never knew that there was a name to what I had until recently so I made a yt video talking about how I hate my looks. I hate my looks! BDD - YouTube
  4. PhobiaTired

    Social Anxiety Video

    Here is a link to my second video on how social anxiety has affected me. This past friday I had a "bad" day which lead me to start feeling anxious and depressed again :/ My shitty day - YouTube You can watch it if you want, if not ignore this post :P Thanks!
  5. PhobiaTired

    New and Nervous!

    Hi everyone! I am new to the forum but I've had social anxiety my whole life. I am 24 from CA and since I was born I've struggle with being extremely shy. I talk more about how it has affected me in this video I posted on youtube. My first vid on the subject so I'm not that good haha but if you...