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  1. oko

    Gamers thread

    Hi :cool: Anyone playing SOF2 or any such another fps?
  2. oko

    I spent so much energy to write this bullsh*t

    Hey. Aren't you sick of being a social phobic, aren't you sick of blushing everytime people talk to you.. well im sick of it, i can't even hold my breathe for 5 second without start blushing and make myself that sick alien. Actually im always suffering from social phobia, yeah i have extreme...
  3. oko

    Hi all

    Hi everyone ( : my name is Atem im 18 years old and im from Tunisia north afica. Well like everybody else here i have SA.. im not going to write my life story coz its really pathetic but if anyone wanna hear it i dont mind. im glad to join in here.